It’s hard to imagine visiting Paris on a budget; after all it’s the world’s capital of romance, opulence and luxury. However, it can be done. You don’t have to forgo excellent meals, sightseeing or even a comfortable hotel while on a shoestring, either. Here’s how:

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Hotels in Paris don’t have to cost a fortune. Of course there are the sprawling former palaces offering luxury accommodation in this beautiful city, but there are plenty of lovely hotels for people on a budget too. You’ll find excellent value for money by staying in areas such as Montparnasse, Opera, Bastille and even near the Eiffel Tower – all of which are within walking distance of major attractions and great restaurants.


Getting to Paris couldn’t be easier. You can choose to drive if you are able to secure a great price on the ferry or Eurotunnel, but remember, unless parking is included in the cost of your hotel stay, it could soon mount up. Eurostar and flying are other options to consider, taking you straight from several departure points in the UK to Paris just a few hours later. Again, look out for cheap deals by booking in advance or travelling out of season. While in Paris, do as the Parisians do – jump on the Metro, the Paris equivalent of the London Underground. Or, if you can, walk. Paris is full of pretty areas just waiting to be discovered on foot.

Free Attractions

There are numerous free attractions throughout Paris. Museums such as Musee Carnavalet, Le Petit Palais, Maison de Balzac, Maison Victor Hugo and Musee de la Vie Romantique are all free, among others. The stunning Notre Dame de Paris is free to visit and is simply beautiful. Climb the tower to see the mammoth bell and enjoy the stunning views of the city from the top of the cathedral. Other beautiful churches and cathedrals are also free to visit such as Sainte-Chapelle, Sacre Coeur, Saint Etienne du Mont and many more. You’ll also find lots of stunning parks and gardens scattered throughout Paris, all of which you can access for free.

Perhaps treat yourself to a trip on one of the many boat trips along the Seine; they’re relatively inexpensive and you get to see the city from another perspective. Another great tip is to eat where the locals do. If you choose not to dine in the opulent surroundings of some of the larger more expensive eateries in the city, you can eat like a king in a family run bistro, yet not pay regal prices to do so. Whatever your budget, Paris really is a wonderful place for a city break.