Your engagement ring is a special symbol of your love and commitment. Maintaining the sparkle of your ring is essential for keeping it looking beautiful and reminding you of the special moment when you committed your love to one another. Taking the time to properly care for your ring will help keep its sparkle and shine, and allow you to enjoy its beauty for many years.

To ensure that your treasured piece of jewellery stays in tip-top condition, there are a few simple steps you should take to care for and maintain your engagement ring.

Here are some tips from Fergus James, a diamond jewellery brand in Dubai, to help you get started.

1. Keep it Clean

The simplest way to maintain your engagement ring’s sparkle and shine includes regularly cleaning it to ensure that its sparkle doesn’t dull over time. Doing so couldn’t be simpler; you can use a gentle solution of mild dish soap with warm water, or even the jewellery cleaner you may have purchased when you got your ring. When cleaning your precious jewels, gently scrub the diamonds with a soft bristled brush before rinsing them in warm water and drying off with a soft cloth.

If there are more crevices and intricate parts to the ring, you may also opt to take it to an experienced jeweller who will use specialised tools like ultrasonic cleaners or steamers and expert techniques in order to clean it perfectly.

2. Protect from Damage

Make sure you avoid exposing your ring to harsh chemicals or abrasives, as these can cause dulling and damage to the stones or settings. If you don’t want your ring to be damaged, avoid wearing it during any activities that may scratch or harm its surface, like exercising in the gym or washing dishes.

Additionally don’t wear your ring in the shower, swimming pool or while participating in any strenuous activities. Wearing your engagement ring while engaging in any of these activities can cause dirt and grime to build up on your ring, which will dull its sparkle over time.

3. Get Checked Regularly

One of the most important steps you can take to ensure its longevity is to get your ring checked regularly. This should be done by a professional jeweller who can inspect it for any signs of damage or wear, as well as cleaning and resealing if necessary. A professional will be able to give you advice on the best ways to keep your ring in optimal condition, including any required repairs. In addition, regular check-ups are beneficial for keeping gemstones secure and ensuring that the settings remain tight – saving considerable amounts of time and money in the future.

Having your engagement ring checked and inspected will help ensure that all of the settings, stones and metal are in good condition and free from any flaws or defects.

4. Store Properly

Always make sure to store your engagement ring in a fabric-lined jewellery box or pouch when it is not being worn. You can easily purchase specially-made velvet cases or boxes with dividers that are specifically designed to protect jewellery from dust, dirt, and other possible adverse conditions. Avoid placing the ring in places exposed to high humidity levels and extreme temperatures, which could cause damage to the diamond or the setting of your ring. Ideally, store it in a room-temperature setting inside its case and consider using an airtight container to keep it even safer.

Additionally, try not to leave your ring lying around near any potential hazards, such as near cleaning chemicals or items you could accidentally knock onto it. With proper storage and care, your engagement ring should continue looking great for many years to come.

5.Get Insurance

The last thing you want to think about is something bad happening to your engagement ring, but purchasing insurance for it is by far the most important step in its care. A specialised insurance policy can provide coverage for potential theft, loss or accidental damage which can save you from incurring huge costs when it comes time to repair or replace the ring. Different policies will offer different levels of coverage so choose one that provides proper protection.

Additionally, consider reviewing your existing homeowner’s insurance policy as it may already include jewellery coverage with limits on each category or type of jewellery. Carefully read through any policy and look for exclusions before starting a plan for your most treasured piece of jewellery.


Owning an engagement ring is a very special part of your life. To guarantee your engagement ring stays in perfect condition for a lifetime, regular care and maintenance is essential. By taking the time to care for and maintain your engagement ring, you can ensure that it continues to look beautiful and sparkling for many years to come. Enjoy your special ring and cherish the memories that it brings you!