Online casinos have been growing in popularity for some years now, as people discover the fun elements of playing the games you can find at the sites on There are certainly elements of online casinos that require careful behaviour, but it is fair to say that as long as you know what you are doing and avoid getting drawn into problem gambling, you can have a lot of good times playing at these sites. It can be tricky to figure out what you should be doing, so it is always worth having some ground rules before you ever sign up to a casino. So, below, let’s look at what those rules are:

Only ever bet with money you can afford to lose

Winning money is always nice, but to have a chance of winning you need to be prepared to lose. Being prepared means that, if you don’t have a successful time at the casino, the only drawback is mild irritation. Budget your money so that things like rent or mortgage payments are taken care of, all your bills can be paid, and food is not a problem. Any money left over after needs are taken care of, you can do with as you wish. If you’d think nothing of dropping a few hundred dollars a month on cinema tickets, eating takeout, or watching sport in person, then you could turn that money towards sensible casino stakes.

Always gamble with a level head

The most important thing you can do before playing at an online casino is make sure you’re thinking straight. You should, for example, never bet when you have drank alcohol. Even if you just had a beer or a glass of wine with a meal, it’s wise to stay away. Yes, in brick and mortar casinos, it’s common for people to be “comped” free drinks. That’s one of many reasons people lose a lot of money at casino tables. In addition, you shouldn’t bet if you’re nervous about an upcoming event or have just argued with a loved one. If your mind is in two places at once, it’s too easy to make mistakes.

Bet with won money, but don’t bet everything you win

The maths here are very simple: when you bet at a casino and lose, you end up with less money than when you started, and that’s bad. If you win money, and are up on the deal, that’s good. So betting with won money is the ideal state of things, but bear in mind that if you bet all the money you win, you’re going to end up back where you started or worse. If you have a really good win in an online casino, immediately withdraw some of that money. Half of it, or more, if possible. Use the rest of it to fund your further betting before dipping into any money set aside for a bankroll. Winning at a casino should feel good; it’ll feel great if you can use it to buy a nice dinner or fund a fun trip.

Most importantly, never chase a loss

The irritation of losing at a casino table is undeniable, and when something goes wrong it is a human impulse to try to correct it. If you’ve lost money at a casino, you’ll be tempted to bet until you get it back. This is all the more acute if you’ve ignored the first rule and bet this month’s phone bill money at the casino. You will be tempted to try and reverse the error, but the most common outcome of chasing losses is that you incur further losses. Step away from the table, get frustrated, and work out an alternative way to fund your loss. Don’t play any more games while that toxic feeling is in town, because that only ends one way.