Magnet therapy embraces several different therapy techniques. Some treatments focus on pain relief and improving movement, while others focus on overall health and wellness. What kind of magnet therapy is right for you will hinge on several factors. Either way, if you are looking forward to a major trip, it could be worthwhile to explore treatment to help you feel your absolute best while traveling. 

What is Magnetic Therapy?

Any treatment using magnets to improve health or healing is considered magnetic therapy. Some have proven track records, while others are more experimental or haven’t been recognized by mainstream healthcare providers. The common thread with all forms of this type of therapy is using magnets to stimulate the body’s healing and pain-relieving powers.

Everyone has natural electric fields in their bodies, with each cell holding a small amount of energy. In theory, if your body’s magnetic field is unbalanced, your body and immune system are out of balance and won’t function properly. Using magnets changes the way the cells in the body respond to stressors such as pain.

Static Magnet Therapy

Static Magnet Therapy is the use of magnets touching the skin to help reduce pain and inflammation. In its simplest form, the individual wears jewelry or a wrap containing magnets around the treated area. You’ve probably seen ads for magnetic bracelets or knee braces with magnets. The most common use of static magnet therapy is to reduce arthritis pain in the joints. 

There are several ways to wear a magnet, including bracelets, wraps, and back supports which would be easy to add to your suitcase before a trip. You can also get magnetic shoe insoles to alleviate pain if you’re on your feet all day, which most people tend to do more of when traveling. People with all-over chronic pain may also sleep on a special mattress topper containing magnets.

Electromagnetic Therapy

Specially designed, electrically charged magnets are sometimes used for healing treatments. This is a relatively new approach and is always performed under a doctor’s supervision. Electric pulses and magnetic energy are combined using a pulsed electronic device to penetrate tissues. The body responds with increased cell metabolism and circulation, both of which speed the healing process.

Pulse magnetic therapy is most effective for pain relief but can also be a part of a treatment program for improved muscle performance, stress, and disease-related weakness or injury. Because the treatment works best at ultra-low frequencies, there are virtually no documented side effects. No one enjoys traveling as much when experiencing frequent pain, so getting that addressed prior to your travels could help you get the most out of your vacation.

Magnetic acupuncture

This is a new twist on a centuries-old approach to alleviating pain. While acupuncture has been used for hundreds of years to treat pain, tight muscles, and stress, it constantly evolves. Today, some acupuncture specialists place small magnets over the areas where they would usually insert needles. Theoretically, the use of these magnets contributes to improvement in the body’s energy flow.

There have been few tests on magnetic therapy, but many individuals swear by its effectiveness. Magnetic procedures have led to very few reported adverse side effects, and many people report they enjoy how much more relaxed they feel after acute magnetic pulse treatment. What could be better than easing into a vacation with a little relaxation? Talk to your doctor about using magnetic therapy to see if it is appropriate for you.