Whether you are packing up your carry-on and jetting off for an important client meeting or grabbing your backpack for your next rugged adventure, travel can interrupt your skincare and grooming routine. But, even with environmental changes, the rigors of air travel and needing to conserve space in your pack, there’s no need to look any less handsome than you are.  Here’s how to keep yourself looking good on the go.


Combat fatigue and jet lag:  Nothing wrecks havoc on your appearance more than looking tired and worn out. Tiny airplane seats, the toddler kicking the seat behind you and the beverage cart coming down the aisle every ten minutes can make it impossible to rest on a plane. But, no one is going to believe you are ready to tackle that big business meeting or that you can take on a day of site seeing if you look ready to crumble into bed. To look your rested best, Men’s Health has several tips.  The best thing you can do is to drink plenty of water before, during and after your flight. Staying hydrated prevents your skin from sagging, dulling and drying out, all of which are sure signs of jet lag and fatigue.  It’s may be tempting to pop a sleeping pill to catch a much-needed snooze, but skip the easy out and let your body adjust to the new time zone.

Bring your own products:  We all know someone, or have been that guy, that hauls home every tiny bottle and bar of hotel shampoo and soap, maybe even asking for a couple of extras for good measure. But, using the soap that your hotel provides, even for the few short days of your stay, may not be a good idea. Men’s Health suggests that those wee bars are often full of harsh ingredients and irritants.  No matter what brand they are, they aren’t what you use at home and the switch can leave your skin rebelling and your hair limp.  Instead, stock up on small, TSA-friendly, refillable bottles and bring your own choice of products.  Sure, you won’t get the thrill of making the most of your hotel bill by stocking up on itty-bitty soaps, but your hair and skin will thank you.

Exfoliate: According to GQ, scrubbing and buffing away dead skin cells is an important part of every man’s daily skin care routine.  Exfoliating takes on a new level of importance while traveling because changes in your environment and in the air quality can leave skin looking lifeless and dry.  However, it’s also the grooming step that is most likely to get skipped on the go in an attempt to pack light and spend less time grooming and more time enjoying your precious vacation days. For serious exfoliation, pack along a product containing crushed apricot seeds.  Students enrolled in an esthetics program will know these tiny bits as heavy-hitters that will keep you looking fresh faced through your trip. If a lack of rest and changes in routine make your skin more sensitive, opt for a product with oatmeal.  Not just fore breakfast, the grain soothes and smoothes at once.

Pack a bar of shaving soap:  If you’ve ever opened your dop kit to find an exploded can of shaving cream, or had a friendly TSA-agent confiscate your oversized can, you know how much hassle shaving on the go can be. One way to lessen the shaving hassle is to go for the currently trendy bearded looks. You can also use an electric razor or clippers to get a rugged stubble look. But, if you are committed to going clean-shaven and need a substitute for shaving cream, opt for a travel-friendly bar of shaving soap rather than a can of cream. Since it’s a solid that lathers up, it’s ready for go in you carry-on and it won’t make a mess like a can might. Plus, shaving soaps tend to contain less alcohol and more gentle ingredients than creams, which make them perfect additions to your travel-ready grooming routine.