River Casino Boats in Goa

There are many great reasons to visit India, be it the fantastic history and rich culture or just the wonderful people who live throughout the many distinct regions of the country. One reason that you might not have thought of at first however would be to have gone gambling on one of the many rivers in India, but with business being a common feature on the rivers of India it might not be so strange to you once you visit this great country.

One such casino is called the Casino Carnival; it is based on the Mandovi River in a city called Goa and is a luxury boat that is purely built to entertain people. On one floor there is a restaurant that has received stunning reviews from the visitors to the boats as well as great entertainment such as singers and dancers who will keep you entertained while you wine and dine. On the second floor is the casino that has many different games for you to play and enjoy. These include many table games such as Black Jack and Roulette as well as a whole host of different slot games. If you are a good poker player also you will be in luck as the Casino Carnival has a twenty four hour poker room that has cash games going on at any time. Not only this, but they are also host to many different high stakes poker tournaments where many of the best players in all of Asia come to make it rich (well try at least!).

So next time you are looking for a different holiday destination why not check out India and its many different sights, including an exciting night on the river eating delicious food and playing a few casino games.