When you think of a winter getaway, what do you picture? While some may consider skiing or escaping to a tropical destination, for most of us, a little winter break is about cosiness and comfort. This means, when it comes to your AirBnB, potential guests need to be able to envisage how they could while away the time on a cold, wintery night.

The ideal way to get your AirBnB ready for winter is by updating your photos. This could help your home stand out, especially if you stage it right. With that in mind, here are all the essential elements you need, room by room, to create the perfect winter-ready listing.

The Bedroom

The most important part of an AirBnB, your potential guests will be concerned about getting a good night’s sleep. But in a winter, this is about more than just style and a decent bed. 

Show them how they could spend a sleepy morning in bed, warm under the covers, by placing a food try on the bed. With darker nights, create the perfect relaxing evening with cushions, throws and faux candles. You can also place a sumptuous rug next to the bed – perfect for step onto during a cold winter morning. 

The Living Room

As a space where guests should be able to unwind and feel at home, the living room is a central selling point. For the winter, this means enhancing the ambience.

Got a fireplace? Make this the focal point by lighting up your log burner, turning on the flickering flames, or filling with candles. You can also create a cosy night in with a glass of wine, an open book and a blanket draped lazily across the sofa. Additionally, coming up to Christmas, add a magical touch with festive lighting and a beautifully decorated tree. 

The Bathroom

In any holiday rental, the bathroom is an important space, particularly in terms of cleanliness. However, in a winter, a bathroom can be so much more.

Get your AirBnB ready for winter photographs and new guests by installing lighting under mirrors and cabinets – both practical and warming. If you have a bath, fill it with bubbles and place a stool or table nearby complete with fluffy towels. You can also make the space feel more spa-like with luxury handwash, candles and plants.

The Kitchen and Dining Room

In a winter, we often use the kitchen and dining room more, as we move from making cold dishes to preparing hot meals. This means your kitchen and dining rooms need to be ready for cooking, relaxing and entertaining.

Show your kitchen in action by switching on under counter lights, place a chopping board complete with wintery ingredients and turn on the oven. For your dining room, set the table ready for a delicious meal, add a wintery centrepiece and place rugs or cushions on benches and seats.

As well as incorporating these elements into your photographs, make sure to have them ready when guests arrive, too. You can even go one step further with a winter-scented diffuser and a welcome basket. 

No matter whether your holiday let is a bedroom, a studio or a large six-bedroom home, try these tips to get your AirBnb winter ready.