What can be more exciting than a round the world trip. This type of journey is filled with thrilling moments you’ll remember for the rest of your life. However, RTW trip might turn into a nightmare if you take too much things or forget taking something really important. Sayings short, packing is one of the most challenging things awaiting for you before the RTW trip.

The trip success depends largely on the amount of things you take. You need only those things you cannot do without. Packing everything you have in the wardrobe is not the best decision, even if you a leaving home for more than half a year. In other words, you need only the most necessary things, as your comfort depends on what you pack in your travel bag.

These simple recommendations will help make your packing easier and more efficient:

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Research on the Climate and Weather

To take suitable clothes you need to know what climates you’ll travel through. So, the first thing you need to do is get information about the climate of countries you plan visiting. Without having this information you risk to pack inapt clothing.

Packing Clothes

Now that you know what weather conditions will meet you in this or that country, it is time to start packing your clothing. Do not take much and take only those items that are comfortable to wear. Avoid delicate and expensive items, as you will do lots of laundry. It is always advisable buying clothes meant specifically for traveling. Avoid heavy and non-breathable items, like blue jeans and cotton items. If you care about your appearance, take those items that match each other, as well as those that you can easily combine. Taking something really elegant and stylish is necessary only if you pan visiting any social event.

Of course, you will need enough underwear and not less than five pairs of socks. Depending on the climates you’ll travel through, you will need different types of footwear, for example, hiking boots, sandals, waterproof shoes, slippers, etc. The key idea is to take comfortable and durable footwear.

Packing First Aid Kit and Toiletries

Your first aid kit should include painkillers, roller bandage, antiseptic cream and band aids. This is more than enough for the first aid. Serious injuries require professional treatment, so forget about self treatment. Taking much toiletries is not necessary, because finding shops selling things like soap and shampoo is not difficult.

Packing Electronic Devices

The choice of electronic devices depends on your needs. If you like taking pictures- take a decent photo camera, if you need to keep a blog – take your laptop. Other devices, like GPS navigator or music player, can be substituted by a smartphone.

Using Moving Services

If you have heavy or big items, you cannot do without, it is recommended hiring professional movers. Sfmoving.com is one of the best moving companies eager to help with your RTW trip. This moving company from San Francisco will move your things to any location, so that you could enjoy your trip without having unnecessary burden on your shoulders. SFmoving is always available at your service.

Do you have any other packing/moving tips?