There are only a few things that are more exciting than being able to travel to another country.

When you’re traveling internationally, you’re able to experience more of the cultures that our world is filled with. That said, there are a lot of people who are cautious when it comes to traveling abroad because they’re afraid of the dangers. Mostly though, it’s pretty safe, although there are a few common-sense safety precautions every single traveler should utilize.

1. Bling Doesn’t Belong

It can be tempting to wear all of your fave jewelry throughout your entire trip, but for your safety, it’s best if you don’t. While you may or may not know and understand the 4 Cs of diamonds, that pickpocket watching you certainly does. If you go around your destination decked out in all your bling, you’re simply announcing to every thief you pass by that you need to be mugged. Keep things both appropriate and simple for wherever you might be visiting.

2. Keep It Front and Center

You may be tempted to set your bags down right at your feet or hang that purse on your chair back. However, when it comes to keeping your valuables safe, that is never a good idea. This is because your attention will be captured by sights and events surrounding you. You should keep your bag either in your lap or at your feet underneath the table and be sure that the strap is wrapped around you somewhere.

3. Check Vaccination Requirements 

The most important thing to keep safe while traveling is you. Always get a physical done before leaving to make sure that you’re healthy enough for the trip. A lot of destinations around the world require various vaccinations before entering, so make sure that you know what’s needed and that you’ve gotten the appropriate shots. You don’t want to get sick so far from home.

4. Make Copies

By necessity, you’ll be carrying all of your necessary documentation with you wherever you’re traveling. In addition to creating electronic copies of things like your visas, travel insurance, plane tickets, passport, medical insurance card, itinerary, and immunization records before you leave, also create photocopies of these and your credit cards. Keep the photocopies with you in a safe space and email yourself the electronic copies so that you’ll be able to access everything in the event the originals are lost or stolen.

5. Keep It Separate

It can be tempting to keep all of your traveler’s checks, ID, credit cards, and cash in your wallet as usual, but don’t. If you know that you won’t be needing your ID or any of those other things, lock them up in the hotel safe. Separate your ID and money that you’re carrying so they’re not in the same space. That will keep you from losing all of it if someone takes your wallet.

The hope is that this travel safety list won’t discourage you and have you scuttling your plans to travel to another country. Quite the contrary, The hope is that you’re encouraged by this list. Traveling to other countries is absolutely one of the experiences in life that’s the most rewarding, and everyone should experience it at least once. It doesn’t need to be fraught with danger. If you simply take precautionary measures both before your trip and while you’re on it, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable and wonderful time on your vacation abroad. Remember, even here safe at home in your own country, there are still vaccines everyone gets and precautions we all take when we leave the safety of our homes.