If you’ve ever been to Tokyo, then you know it’s a pretty overwhelming task to plan where to stay, how to get around, what to see, etc.

The metro system is one of the largest in entire world with countless stops, trains, etc. But, don’t fret, it’s actually pretty easy to navigate with the help of Google Maps as they have synced all the public transport info into their maps. This way you can plan an itinerary that even accounts for walking time! You won’t miss a beat, trust me.

I went last year, and while you can knock out the major tourist attractions, Tokyo is known for having lots of cool underground things going on all over the city which are pretty hard to find out about as a visitor, non-Japanese speaker. With Japanese as the first language in Japan (of course!), it’s a bit harder to do research online pre-trip as some of the coolest stuff might only be showcased on Japanese websites.

There is a pretty cool new series though called Tokyo Extra that showcases the hidden treasures of Tokyo in fun, short videos. Here’s one below so you can check it out! It’s a webseries so you can check back frequently to their channel for new and cool things to check out on your next trip to the Land of The Rising Sun!