Sending your pet to another country from Singapore can be overwhelming, not just because of the emotions but also because of the burden of several formalities. At the same time, you will worry about their well-being on the flight because they will be alone there. You can reduce stress and care for your beloved furry friend’s welfare by hiring professional pet relocation services. Some local pet movers specialise in the safe transportation of live animals. You can depend on them to support you in exporting your dog or cat. You can expect the personnel to be present at the airport to oversee your pet’s safe passage through the security checks so that you two can happily reunite at your final destination.

Exporting pet from Singapore can be a challenging experience without professional help. Hence, it’s better to search for a reliable relocation company.

Things to consider about a pet moving company for export

The focus should be on their range of services, such as transportation, boarding assistance, care, etc. Suppose they offer a pick-up service. You can ask them about the type of vehicle they use for this purpose. If you like their travel solutions, your next question can be around charges. Take estimates from a few companies for comparative analysis. Remember to inquire if they charge extra for large pets, vet care, etc. Give priority to someone with experience in this field. After all, shipping live animals demands attention to detail, resources, proper planning, and preparedness. They should be able to make your pet’s journey hassle-free. Hence, ask them how long they have been operating in this space. Simultaneously, you can read customer testimonials and ratings. 

Learning about the types of animals they transport will also be good. Some can assist only with cats and dogs, while others cover reptiles and birds. If you own a dog or cat, you don’t have to consider their resourcefulness for other animals. You can focus on your needs. However, it would help if you found out how they manage the air travel of the pets. Do they have any particular alliance with a pet-friendly airline? Shipping your furry companion through a pet-friendly airline carrier can be the best choice. Your pet will have a conducive environment onboard. Furthermore, you can discuss insurance, company policies, choice of crates, qualifications, and more.

Pet export-related details 

Relocating a pet can be a different experience, no matter how many times you do it. Every pet parent should follow the rules and regulations of the departure and arrival countries. You may have to collect permits, health certificates, and other necessary documents for your pet and produce them at the airport. Or, your pet movers may need access to them while overseeing your pet’s movement. You can depend on them to make the customs clearance process hassle-free. 

In the mix of things, you can forget about the joy of living with your lovely pet in a new place and home. But your reunion will be a pleasant emotional journey. You can expect things to go smoothly when pet moving professionals stand with you, managing everything perfectly. You can approach them anytime for queries without worrying about their reactions. They love animals and understand your feelings.