Buying a bicycle appears to be an easy task. The majority of individuals who have never bought a bike, think that getting a bike is all about entering a shop and paying for any bike. Whether you are looking for a bicycle for men or women, he decision to buy a certain bicycle depends on numerous factors –size is one significant factor in this case. This article offers a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about the size before you buy any bicycle.

Significance of bike size

Bikes are available in diverse sizes. Choosing the appropriate bike size has numerous benefits. On the other hand, there are negative consequences that come with having the wrong bike size.

  • The right bike size maximizes your cycling performance: The efficiency of any cycling is dependent on your level of comfort. Often, it is not possible to achieve such comfort on the wrong size of bike. For example, if you are straining to reach the handlebars of your BMX bikes under 200, it will be hard to cycle over a long distance as you will get tired quickly.
  • Having the right bike size limits your probability of causing accidents: High level of strain caused by a wrong bike size makes it hard for you to have maximum control over your bike. The implication is that you can pick injuries any time –falling, straining the wrist and the back, among others. You are also likely to crush into things or people.
  • The size of the bike you get impacts on your cycling posture: Your cycling posture is influenced by whether you can reach the pedals, handlebars, and the saddle comfortably. Where the size is ideal, reaching all these parts is easy and effortless. However, a wrong bike size makes it hard to reach one or all of these parts implying that you will strain your body while riding.

Measurements needed to determine your appropriate bike size

At times, you may not be present to test a bike before you buy. This is the case especially if you are buying the bike from an online store where it has to be shipped to your area. High quality bikes for women are built different than those for men, A wrong decision may have you end up with the wrong size of a bike. One important aspect needed when establishing the ideal bike size is your measurement relative to those of the bike. So, what measurements should be put into consideration?

Stand over height: The standover height depends on the inside leg measurement of any individual. This distance is relative to the clearance between your crotch, when in a standing position, and the bike’s top tube. The appropriate standover height is whereby you are free to make any movements such as hopping off the bike fast in case of need.

Reach: You can use the size of your upper body to make a decision on the size of your bike since such dimensions influence your reach. The level of your stretch alongside the bike’s tube is an important factor you need to consider. A positive Apex Index (difference between the arm span and the height) implies that your ideal bike size should be large.

The right size of bike will give you a platform to enjoy the many benefits that come with cycling. If you are not sure which bike size is ideal for you, check for a glimpse on how to determine bike sizes.