Meat is one of the fundamental elements of most peoples diets, and is something that we have eaten for thousands of years. However, it is known that eating too much meat is not a good thing for a multitude of reasons, and that we can replace some of the meat that we eat with other foods.

Many people around the world are vegetarians and do not eat any type of meat, though there are some who may eat a selection of seafood. There are also many individuals who are Vegan and follow a plant-based diet and Vegan lifestyle. Whatever your preference, and however you want to eat and lead your life, it is entirely up to you.

Why do we eat meat?

Protein is a very important element for a healthy diet, and meat is an excellent source. In addition to promoting growth and repair of your muscles, it is also important for healthy blood, skin, hair and bones.  The protein in meat is quickly absorbed by the body because of its HBV (High Biological Value).

Another reason why it’s eaten is simply that it tastes good. There are many different types of meat, each with its own unique taste and distinct flavor, and it can be cooked in a multitude of ways – grilled, in the oven, BBQ, fried or even boiled. You could enjoy barbeques steaks, Instant Pot cornish hen or grilled pork chops – the choice is yours.

Is meat bad for you?

This is a question that is asked constantly, all over the world. It’s something that divides a lot of people and makes meat a very controversial food. With meat, there are pros and cons to eating it, just like there are with all other types of food.

It’s clear that meat is a great source of protein, as well as various other nutrients, and has health benefits. However, the type of meat you eat can determine just how healthy it is, or whether it’s something that is not going to do anything good for your health.

When we speak of meat, we usually refer to things such as steaks, ribs or wings and legs from chickens or turkeys. However, there are other parts of the animal that a lot of people enjoy eating. This is offal, and includes things such as intestines, liver, kidney and in some cases, even brains. It’s something that is usually eaten in various parts of the world as traditional dishes, and plays an important role in different cultures.

It is generally accepted around the world that in terms of meat, (not including offal), red meat is the type that you don’t want to be eating all of the time. Beef, lamb and pork are the three red meats we eat, and compared to other meat such as fish or chicken, they contain a lot more saturated fat, which can lead to an increase in your blood cholesterol, as well as risk developing heart disease.

Though red meat has high amounts of protein as well as Vitamin B12 (which is good for developing blood cells), it isn’t the only way to consume protein. You could also get protein from things such as fish, eggs, nuts and poultry.

Meats to avoid eating

Some of the worst types of meat that you can eat in terms of your health are processed meats. These include things such as sausage, salami, bacon and other types of cold cuts. Most of these will contain very high levels of preservatives such as sodium, which can lead to high blood pressure and increase the risk of a stroke.

If you do eat these types of meat on a regular basis, then you seriously need to consider cutting down, and maybe only indulging in them once a week, twice at the most. Everyone loves a special pizza packed with salami, bacon and other toppings, but over time, eating such things is only going to lead to a range of health issues, as well as the potential to put on weight.

The Healthiest Meats

As discussed earlier, not all meats are bad for you, and though you could get the necessary protein and nutrients your body needs from other types of food, for many, nothing beats a nice piece of meat for dinner.

The healthiest meat is Bison, or Buffalo meat, though for many people, it’s not something that they are going to be able to easily find at their local supermarket. Poultry is also one of the better choices of meat to eat, and chicken and turkey are a much healthier option that red meat.

The other type of meat is fish. Oily fish such as salmon and mackerel are both very healthy choices and a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, as well as magnesium and Vitamin D.

There are lots of health benefits from eating fish, and there are also lots of great dishes that you can prepare and enjoy with them. Whether you like fresh salmon, or a simple tuna salad, fish and other seafood offer a wonderful alternative to red meat and poultry.

The Popularity of Chicken

One meat that is enjoyed the world over is chicken. Wherever you may find yourself, you’ll usually always be able to find chicken on the menu. It’s a versatile meat that can be enjoyed in a number of ways. From grilled chicken fillets, to barbeques chicken wings, it’s a food that nearly everyone can enjoy.

Chicken, as well as being delicious, also has a range of health benefits. It is good for helping strengthen your bones as well as build muscle. It’s a good course of certain minerals and vitamins, and can also help with weight loss if you are following a strict diet.

The great thing with chicken is that there are so many delicious and unique recipes out there that you can try. It can be accompanied by potatoes, rice, beans or with a green salad. For better health benefits, frying should be avoided, and you should instead grill it, or have it roasted or baked in the oven.