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Scuba Diving Around Beautiful Koh Phi Phi in Thailand!

So I’ve been spending a few days hanging out in Ao Nang, Krabi province in Thailand this week. The area is beautiful, punctuated by almost vertical limestone cliffs and mountains that run from the mainland right up to the ocean’s edge. Krabi is also very accessible as there is an international airport with direct flights to Bangkok, Singapore and a few other places. Given I just spent the time to finally get scuba certified, I figured I should give a dive a shot outside the loving sweet embrace of my instructor, Big Joe. I went to a couple dive shops…

Get Your Kicks in Britain. No, Really!

Guest Post from Mark Hannant I’m a huge fan of adventure holidays; if it involves climbing, running, being wet or facing an angry herd of animals, I’m there. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a few adventure holidays abroad during my time, but the truth is, I’ve got my sights set on some challenges closer to home. A lot of people might be smirking at this point, but I’m serious – the UK has a lot to offer if you’re a thrill seeker. OK, my first choice of adventure holiday might leave you somewhat confused – I’d very much like…

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