The use of Bitcoin has taken a meteoric rise over the years. Many have adopted the use of this digital payment method including online games and famous betting websites like W88. 

Online gambling W88 operators have incorporated cryptocurrency as one of the most recent payment methods when playing online casino in Thailand, and the rest of the players across the globe.

Bitcoin usage may be in demand, but some betting online and other players from different parts are not aware of the digital payment’s benefits.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates with no central or banks control. No company or third party can own or control Bitcoin, unlike regular currencies.

Every Bitcoin transaction is recorded and stored on servers similar to traditional financial institutions. Every 10 minutes, these transactions are collected together into a block and stored permanently on the blockchain.

Bitcoin owners can access, spend their virtual funds, or make any transactions through the use of a private key. The same key is used as proof of ownership.  And just like any asset, bitcoin can be converted to cash.

Why Consider Bitcoin in Online Betting at W88 

No Third-Party Involved

Unlike traditional banks, your sportsbetting deposit or payment has the possibility of being rejected at any time since banks need to adhere to laws. Banks can suspend and block the deposit when it feels the need.


Bitcoin is intended for Internet use, making transactions streamlined. With this form of digital payment, payments to enter a game and collections of winnings will be more instantaneous due to the decentralized essence of Bitcoin.

Because no one is in control of your virtual money, you control your own transactions.


While W88 gambling websites including online slot casino is legal in many parts of the world, many find this form of entertainment associated with one’s credibility, character, and other negative connotations.

Using Bitcoin when playing casino games online do not expose the player’s identity since no personal information is linked to the digital funds. Casual betters can have fun and take advantage of the pseudonymity without worrying about the social stigma.


If utilized properly, Bitcoin can be the safest digital currency you can have unlike credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of online payment. As long as you have created a strong private key or password and have not shared this with anyone, no one can steal your virtual funds.


Bitcoin has lower transaction fees since there is no third party or middleman involved. Cryptocurrency is designed to work over the Internet and most countries do not apply to Bitcoin making transaction fees much lower than traditional financial institutions.

Now that you know the benefits of using Bitcoin when betting online, you might want to start doing your research on how to create a Bitcoin wallet.