Once a predominantly working class Puerto Rican neighborhood of Miami (and still largely is), Wynwood is full-speed ahead in the gentrification process with the infiltration of many artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and, of course, everyone’s favorite conforming non-conformist, the Hipster.  This area of Miami is just north of downtown and just south of the Design District. What’s extra cool about the neighborhood is the prevalence of old textile warehouses, perfect for an art gallery, music venue, restaurant, or boutique…and that’s what’s moving in. With windowless two story cement facades basically comprising the landscape, artists have giving the area a face lift, painting massive and creative murals that graffiti artists respect and refrain from tagging over.

Every second Saturday of the month, Wynwood invites the artistically inclined for Art Walk, an opportunity to stroll its streets, eat, drink and be merry with free alcohol provided by the many galleries that open their doors to the public.  Live bands play on the streets and the vibe is light, fun and inspirational.  One of the most awesome parts of Art Walk is the ever-growing number of food trucks that set up shop in the empty lot at the corner of NW 22nd LN and NW 2nd Ave that boasts cuisine ranging from gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches cooked with truffle oil (orgasmic) all the way to deep-fried Oreos.

Many of the artists working in Miami draw inspiration from multiple sources including urban living, an Hispanic heritage and being raised in a digital age.  Much of the work you can see at Art Walk is modern and eclectic in nature. Some of the most famous artists operating out of the The Magic City like Miguel Paredes and Lebo incorporate digital graphics paired with traditional painting technique in a style known as “Postmodern Cartoon Expressionism”.  If you’re ever in Wynwood or at Artwalk, check out Wynwood Walls.  Urban visionary Tony Goldman who has helped revamp previously downtrodden areas like SoHo in Manhattan in the 1970′s and South Beach in the 1980′s, took his “see the beauty in everything” perspective on life and changed Wynwood forever.  The Wynwood Walls are the cultural and artistic epicenter of Art Walk and the neighborhood.  With massive murals done by world famous pop artist, Shepard Fairey (did the famous Obama  “Hope” poster), and a new ultra-chic restaurant (Wynwood Kitchen), you’ve never felt so cool strolling the grounds or sipping a drink at the must-see bar.  Do you have any cool Art Walk-esqe events in your city?  Let us know in a comment…


Mural in Wynwood