Walking trips are a fun and inspiring way to explore a destination. They provide an up-close encounter with the people, places, history, and cultures that shape communities and diversify the world. Whether you plan to spend the day exploring downtown with friends, going on a nature walk with your family, or take a guided-tour of the world’s most popular and historical sites, you’ll find it to be an enlightening experience. 


If you’ve never been on a walking trip before, these packing and dress code tips are will ensure you have a good time. 


What to Wear


You’d be surprised how the wrong attire could ruin your experience. As you decide on a wardrobe, here are a few things to consider: 


Dress Comfortably


Since you’re going to be walking for quite some time, it is vital to keep comfort in mind. For instance, it wouldn’t be ideal to wear high heels as they don’t provide much support. If you’re going hiking or on a guided city tour, it is best to wear sneakers or hiking boots. On other occasions, like shopping downtown, you can opt for stylish ballet flats with plenty of cushion to prevent foot, back, and neck pain. 


Dress According to the Weather


Whether your trip is indoors or out, dressing in layers in highly recommended. Wearing a t-shirt and a cardigan or jacket allows you to adjust to the varying temperatures. If you’re going to be outdoors, however, make sure that you wear a hat and glasses to protect yourself from the sun.


Dress for Safety 


If you’re going on a walking trip with small children or a large group, you might consider wearing something that is brightly-colored. That way, you can pick your loved ones out of a crowd should someone get lost. 


What to Pack


While you don’t need to bring your suitcase along with you during your walking trip, there are some things you should pack to accommodate your needs. Grab a backpack or fashionable handbag ane ensure you have the following items:


Smartphone and Camera


Recording memories is part of the fun of taking a trip. Whether you take snapshots of your friends trying out trendy fashions or you want to record the beautiful view was you hike, you’ll need a smartphone or digital camera to capture these moments. Make sure they are fully charged the night before and placed in your bag for the day. 


Water and Snacks


Stopping for food and drinks during a walking tour is time-consuming and costly. There are also instance, like hiking, where getting nourishment isn’t possible. You can eliminate each of these problems by packing bottled water and some healthy snacks. 


Sunscreen and Bug Guard


For outdoor excursions, protecting yourself from the sun is vital. Along with wearing a hat and glasses, you should also pack (and wear) sunscreen. For those venturing into parks, woods, and other outdoor environments where bugs are prevelant, packing bug guard is also recommended. 


Umbrella or Raincoat


You never know when it may start raining. Imagine trying to finish a walking tour while soaking wet. Rather than get caught in the rain, it is best to bring an umbrella, poncho, or raincoat with you. Invest in travel size umbrellas or raincoats that can easily fold and pit in a backpack so you don’t get stuck carrying them.


Cash, Credit Cards, and ID


No matter what type of walking tour you’re going on, you don’t want to do it without access to cash and ID. You’ll need these things to make purchases and gain access to certain venues. Therefore, make sure you’ve put them in your wallet or your day bag for safekeeping. 


If you’re looking for a way to get away and explore, a walking trip is the answer. You can spend hours learning about everything from arts and history to wildlife and nature in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. There’s also the fact that they’re affordable and excellent for your health. As long as you remember the packing and dress code tips provided above, you’re sure to have an amazing experience.