I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking holidays are important. They give us a rare chance to break out of the daily routine and relax, as well as spend some quality time with family or friends. So, because getaways offer so much, I think they deserve some careful planning to ensure they’re a success. After all, you don’t want your trip to be marred by something you could have easily prevented, like an unsuitable hotel or coming home to a bill you can’t pay.

In that vein, I’ve put together some top travel tips for making sure your holiday is a source of happy memories rather than just another cause of stress. I hope you find them useful

travel successDestination decisions

I often find the simplest tips are the best – but, oddly enough, they’re frequently the things that people fail to think of! Before you start trying to pick a destination, stop for a moment and ask yourself – how much do you actually care about location?

For some people, holidays are all about discovering and experiencing somewhere new. For others, the main focus is on just getting away from it all, with the destination taking a backseat to simple relaxation.

If you fall into the former category, by all means spend time poring over potential places. If you fit into the latter, though, embrace the flexibility this gives you – you’re likely to have a much wider choice of hotel and flight deals, while families can help keep the kids happy by letting them (within reason) pick the destination.

Read reviews

Once you’ve got an idea of where to go, it is of course time to start checking out hotels. As well as looking at what facilities each establishment offers and deciding whether or not these meet your needs as a holidaymaker, you should make sure you seek out some reviews by fellow travelers.

Websites like Holiday Nights let you combine sifting through traveler opinions and recommendations with finding the latest offers. And it’s easy to get an idea of the quality of each at a glance, since the average customer satisfaction rating is placed next to each hotel name – so, you can narrow down your choices and then read the reviews of the places that interest you most before making your final decision.

Plan for poor weather

Let’s assume you intend to jet off somewhere sunny. You’ve picked out lots of great activities, arrived at your hotel – and then down pours the rain. By planning for poor weather, you can make sure it doesn’t ruin your holiday.

You don’t need to assume it’ll rain – obviously only organizing wet-weather activities would mean you wouldn’t make the most of the sun! – but it’s wise to get an idea of what you can do on the off chance it does. Take a look at museums, aquariums, indoor activity centers and galleries, and pick out a few that take your fancy.

Save up some extra cash

No matter how carefully you organize your budget, chances are that you’ll wish you had a little extra to spend while you’re there. So, once you worked out how much you are going to need, plan to bring a little more with you and start saving.

The key here is to remember to view this cash as an extra – don’t actually plan to spend it. Instead, have it tucked away in case you come across something amazing – whether it’s an activity, attraction, experience or even food – that you just have to try while you’re there. This gives you the freedom to be a bit more spontaneous and really make the most of your holiday without worrying about overspending. Check out this site to learn some more ways to save while your traveling as well.