Pocket knives are one of the most common categories of knives that come in different types and have varied uses. From hikers to hunters to merchants, and even farmers, everyone uses a pocket knife for one reason or the other. As the uses and applications of a pocket knife are extensive, it comes in different shapes, sizes, and mechanisms.

If you are spending your money on buying your first pocket knife, do not turn a blind eye to this article. Read our buying guide till the end to buy the best pocket knife.

Single Blade or Multi Blade – Which One to Buy? 

A single-blade pocket knife is the most common choice of many people. As the name suggests, this knife comes with one blade only and features a simplistic design. Compared to other pocket knives, this one is easy to use. The simplicity of this knife makes it a versatile option to use in different ways. A single-blade pocket knife is lightweight, thus making it a preferred choice for many first-time buyers.

A multi-blade pocket knife features more than one blade. It is a better combination offering you a variety of blades to use at your dispense. They are slightly more fragile than the former; however, they are a good pick if you want to use them in the jungles for camping or hunting.

There is a Multi-Tool Pocket Knife too 

For those needing more than just a knife, a multi-tool pocket knife is the best choice. A multi-tool pocket knife, though small in size, comes with many tools such as can openers, saws, toothpicks, scissors, nail files, corkscrew, etc., to serve your various purposes.

It is a good option to carry to your camping or hunting trip efficiently.

Edges of the Knives 

Before you get your pocket knife, it is vital to learn about its edges. The edges of a pocket knife depend upon the blade types and shapes.

A plains edge is the most common type, giving you a clean-cut and a more accurate result. A pocket knife with a plain edge allows you more control over the task than others. These knives are easy to sharpen but cannot perform pull cuts.

A knife with a fully serrated edge is more effective in cutting tougher edges. However, they do not make a preferred choice for first-time buyers. Also, they are expensive in terms of maintenance. You can buy a partially serrated-edged knife. It combines the above-listed knives, allowing you to use them for push cuts and tough edges. It combines the advantages of plain edge and serrated edge.

Handle of the Pocket Knife 

Another essential element to consider while buying your first pocket knife is its handle. The knife you buy should always feel good in your hand and must not slip as you cut or stab with it. A well-designed pocket knife is easy to grip and doesn’t cause discomfort when using it.

Many traditional knives come with beautiful hardwood handles. The modern ones, however, have handles of titanium, brushed steel, and other metals. You will also come across a spring-assisted knife UK, which folds due to its spring mechanism and opens up when you use the push button.

Weight of the Knife 

It is extremely essential to check the weight of the folding knife. A heavy folding knife is a big no. Your knife should be easy to handle and carry. Hold it to check the balance between the blade and handle. If you find the blade too heavy, it would not feel comfortable. And if the handle is too heavy, the knife will be difficult to cut.

Always strike the right balance between the two.


We hope that the above-listed buying guide for a folding knife solves your confusion about buying this tool for the first time. Explore the best options now.