A virtual office allows you to run your business online without needing a real office building. It gives you a business address and other services to look professional. It saves you money since you do not pay for space. You also gain the flexibility to work from anywhere. Many different types of businesses use virtual offices today.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office gives you the services of a real office but online. This includes things like:

  • A business mailing address customers can send letters and packages to
  • Answering phones in your business name
  • Mail forwarding that sends your office mail to you
  • Meeting rooms you can use when needed
  • Virtual assistants that can do work for you

So it helps a business seem established without owning or renting office space. This saves money and gives more flexibility.

Key Parts of a Virtual Office

Some key services iPostal1 virtual offices provide are:

Business Address

This gives your business a professional mailing address to use on websites, business cards, packaging, and more. Customers and clients can send letters and packages to your virtual office address.

Mail Handling and Forwarding

The virtual office receives your business mail and packages. Then they forward it all to your real home or office address. This keeps your home address private if you work from home.

Phone Answering and Call Forwarding

The virtual office can answer your business calls with a custom greeting. Then forward the calls to your own cell phone or landline. This makes your business seem bigger.

Virtual Assistants

You can hire assistants from your virtual office provider to handle paperwork, emails, scheduling, and more tasks. This helps you focus on core work.

Meeting Rooms and Office Space

If you need a space to meet clients or do focused work, you can rent meeting rooms hourly. Some virtual offices also provide desk spaces or offices to use.

The Benefits of Using a Virtual Office

There are many advantages to using a virtual office, including:


You avoid spending money on rent, utilities, furniture, and other costs of physical offices. Virtual offices have simple monthly fees for only the services you need.

Flexibility and Mobility

Work wherever you want at home or while traveling since everything is online. Easily move locations or grow your team.

Professional Image

A business address, phone service, and meeting rooms make you seem established and large even if you are small or work from home.

Enhanced Productivity

Outsource tasks to assistants so you can focus on important business activities. Avoid commuting and other office distractions.

Access to Resources

Utilize services like meeting spaces only when useful. Share receptionists and other support through the provider.


It’s easy to scale up or down the services you use from the virtual office as your needs change.

Business Expansion

Add new locations quickly by setting up virtual offices in other cities and states from the same provider.

Environmental Benefits

Going paperless and working remotely reduces waste, traffic, and your carbon footprint.

Types of Virtual Office Plans

There are a few common types of virtual office packages offered:

Basic Plan

Includes mail handling, phone answering with custom greetings, and mail forwarding. Best for solopreneurs.

Virtual Office Plan

Adds a business address clients can mail you at and access to meeting rooms by the hour. Best for small teams.

Virtual Office Plus Plan

Also includes dedicated office space or desks for daily use. Best for remote teams, international companies, and executives.

Custom Plan

Some providers let you fully customize by selecting just the specific services your unique business needs. Easy to scale up over time.

Who Can Benefit from a Virtual Office?

Many types of modern businesses use virtual offices:

Startups and Small Businesses

Great way to seem professional and establish branding without the big upfront costs of real office space. Save money to reinvest in growth.

Freelancers and Solopreneurs

Excellent option if working from home alone. Gives you services to seem larger and support your clients better. More professional for meetings.

Home-Based Businesses

Makes your home business look more legitimate to clients. Protects your home address privacy also. Allows meeting clients without bringing them into your home.

Remote Teams

Provides a central business address and phone even if the team works fully remotely around the world. Frees the team from needing a headquarters.

International Businesses

Lets companies easily establish footholds in other countries and states faster through local virtual offices without travel. Also services global remote teams.

Traveling Professionals

Road warriors can be used to handle mail, answering service, and meetings while away. Maintain a professional image for clients while traveling extensively.

How to Pick the Right Virtual Office Company

Key things to look at when choosing a virtual office provider:


Select based on where you want a business address and meeting rooms if needing in-person services. Ensure the address seems prestigious.


Compare services like hours for call center, mail handling speed, types of spaces available to use, and virtual assistants offered.


Research online reviews and testimonials from past clients to gauge customer satisfaction. Look for long years serving businesses.

Customer Support

Ask how responsive the help desk is for issues and if you will have an account manager assigned to your business. Look for quick issue resolution.


Consider overall value more than just the cheapest monthly cost. See what is covered in each plan and typical fees for common extras used.


See what online portals and apps may be offered to manage services and billing. Should provide fast mail forwarding and voicemail alerts.

Contract Terms

Check if locking into a long-term lease or can change plans flexibly month-to-month. Avoid overcommitting at first.

Making the Most of Your Virtual Office

Some tips to fully utilize your virtual office:

Communicate Effectively

Keep your account manager updated on the best hours to reach you, who answers what phones, preferences for forwarding mail, and other key details so communications flow seamlessly.

Utilize Technology

Take advantage of productivity features like online fax receiving, VOIP conferencing, a digital mailroom for scanning mail, and more to speed up operations.

Promote Your Virtual Office

Add your new virtual business address to your website, email signature, LinkedIn, and anywhere else clients interact to boost professional brand authority.

Network and Connect

If offered spaces to work, get to know others working in the virtual office. Grow connections and share advice.


As you have read, virtual offices provide professional services, flexibility, and cost savings. They help all types of modern businesses from startups to international teams. Choosing an established provider with strong reviews and a breadth of services tailored to your needs is crucial. Used smartly, a virtual office lets you position your brand well without expensive long-term leases. Give one a try from companies like (iPostal1) to take your business fully online.