Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and anxiety are common conditions experienced not only by adults, but also by children and teenagers. Both these conditions, depending on their severity, can greatly affect an individual’s life, and those who experience symptoms often seek treatment to function better.

The problem with traditional ADHD and anxiety treatments is that prescription drugs are often part of management. These medications come with a variety of side effects, and some of them can be severe. As a result, some look for more natural remedies. Lifestyle changes can help a lot, but sometimes they are not enough. When you look at Brillia reviews, you can see that it is a homeopathic remedy that gets results without side effects.

Healthy Stress Management

One of the ways to avoid anxiety and ADHD medication is to examine your life habits and take note as to where you could make changes. Increased stress is a common for individuals with these mental conditions, and managing this is a good start.

Exercise plays a large role in mental health. It increases feel-good chemicals in the brain, which helps damper symptoms of anxiety and ADHD. If you do not already have an exercise routine, it is time to start. Pick activities that you enjoy, which may be walking, biking, swimming, yoga, or lifting weights. Aim to do 20 to 30 minutes each day, or at least four days a week.

Changing eating habits can also be beneficial. Foods that contain preservatives and artificial ingredients often exacerbate symptoms of ADHD and sometimes anxiety. Stick to organic and whole foods and aim to cook most of your meals from scratch.

Getting enough sleep is imperative to tackle mental health symptoms, as this is when the brain rests and recharges. Get into a good bedtime routine and try to sleep seven to eight hours each night.

Set Realistic Goals

The problem with many people is that they try to do too much, which makes it harder to complete tasks. If you have ADHD, anxiety, or both, you should break down projects and chores into smaller segments and take a break in between each one. If setting goals is challenging, therapy can help to manage and prioritize your time. 

How Brillia Helps

For some people, medication is necessary to fully manage symptoms. Brillia is a better option, as it is natural and safe. When you check out Brillia ingredients, you see that the active ingredient is an antibody that targets a specific protein in the brain that causes ADHD and anxiety symptoms.

When it attaches to the protein, this changes the shape of the protein, which deactivates it. The result is a reduction in symptoms. Because it only targets these proteins, other cells and systems are not affected, which means there are no side effects.

Brillia is available in three doses: mild, moderate, and severe. These doses correspond to symptoms and the number of proteins in the body that need to be deactivated. Users get better results when they take the correct dosage for their needs.