From the wildlife and wonderous landscapes, to the incredible culture and cuisine, there are so many reasons to visit Sri Lanka. With colonial influences, a relaxed way of life and welcoming locals, travelling across Sri Lanka can be fascinating.

If you are in the middle of planning your trip to this beautiful country, or considering adding it to your bucket list, here are travel tips to ensure you get the most of your getaway.

A Slow Pace

While many of us like to travel to unwind and get away from the daily stresses of life, Sri Lanka is one of the most laid-back locations you will ever visit. There locals here are never in a rush which means that although there are loads of well-connected and cheap transport options, from trains to tuk tuks, everything here tends to run a little slower. So, before you arrive, expect even short journeys to take far longer than normal.

For the Tranquil Traveller

With such a relaxed culture, it is probably little surprise that Sri Lanka is a tranquil place. Despite being less than 20 miles from India, these two countries offer a completely different pace. This means while many flock to countries like Thailand for beach parties, there is little nightlife to be had here. Although you can enjoy drinks at a local, beach-side bar, these often close early or remain shut outside of the peak season.

Local Life to the North

To the south of Sri Lanka, you will find the country’s capital, Colombo, an ancient city with architecture that reflects its heritage. You can also visit busy cities like Nuwara Eliya, which is located in the hills and surrounded by forest. However, to experience local life, head north. This will take you a little off the beaten path and help you to escape the crowds, so you can truly appreciate the country’s beauty and culture.

Atmosphere in the South

Alternatively, if you are looking for a livelier experience, make sure you visit Colombo. This is because while the capital is more touristy, it is also the ideal place to experience a (slightly) faster pace of life and see another side of this country. Plus, from restaurants and bars, to boutiques and museums there are loads of things to see and do.

Unique Tastes and Cuisine

If you have travelled elsewhere in Asia, you may be expecting to see hundreds of street food vendors, but in Sri Lanka, dining is an altogether different experience. Here, the country is dotted with guesthouses, many of which offer delicious meals, from hoppers in the morning (a savoury crepe-like dish), to kottu rotty in the evening (a traditional stir fry with flatbread). Additionally, like most other things, the price of food is cheap.

Seasonal Trips

Finally, it may be worth considering Sri Lanka’s climate. The monsoon season typically takes place between May and September, while December to March are the warmest and driest months. However, depending on the type of experience you are looking for, you may want to travel here during the off-peak season to avoid hordes of tourists. 

A trip to Sri Lanka can provide amazing memories. With a laid back atmosphere, slow pace and incredible places to visit, there is no wonder this country is quickly becoming a more popular destination.