By preparing to go travelling properly, this family is stress free at the airport as they wait for their plane.  This article aims to put you in the same state of mind...!

Are you planning to go travelling? Over the past decade, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who are taking it upon themselves to travel. Seeing all four corners of the world, taking in different cultures and admiring the lives of the people who live across the other side of the planet is a dream that many of us have. In fact, some people are so desperate to go off in search of some adventure that many people are now going travelling by themselves.

Regardless of whether you’re going travelling by yourself, with friends or family, or with your partner, it’s important that before you get wrapped up in all the excitement, you consider the essential practicalities of travelling. There are lots of things that you need to sort out before heading out on the road. We’ve collated three of the most important ones.

Get Your Home Insured for Your Travelling Period

You’re going travelling – not on a short weekend break to Spain, but on a month, three month, or three year hike around the world. This means that whatever you leave back at home you need to protect while you’re away. To do this, insure your home with a company like UK Insurance Net, and then you can rest easy knowing that you’ve done everything you can to keep your belongings safe while you’re away.

Create a Digital Inventory of Everything You’re Going to Take

Next, take stock of everything that you’ll be taking with you. If you’re taking a smartphone with you on your travels (advised – but make sure you insure it!), you can create a digital inventory so that it can’t be lost. This means listing every item that fits in your rucksack, and the quantity you have it in. This way, when you’re travelling, you can ensure you’ve always got everything you started out with. When you use something up or throw something away, simply strike it from the list.

Make All Practical Arrangements with Friends, Family and Work Colleagues

Finally, seeing as you’re going away for so long, you’ll need to visit everybody you care about one final time before you go away. This could take months if you have a busy schedule, so make sure you start early with this. You’ll also need to make practical arrangements with the people you know, so for example, you’ll need to speak to work to make sure that when you get back, they’ll hire you again.

Ultimately, although these practicalities are rather dull, they’re an essential part of the travelling experience, so tick them off your to-do list and start getting excited to go away.