KLM Airlines has just received its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner. If you remember, I featured this amazing new plane a couple years back when it was initially released. The wait times were very long as there was so much demand for the unparalleled new aircraft.

The world-renowned airline just produced an “unboxing” video where its actual crew unveils its first Dreamliner. The pilots are seen taking the plastic coverings off their new headsets and the crew walks the cabin highlighting the awesome features like deep-reclining seats, dimming windows and the largest overhead bins in the world for a commercial aircraft. Check out the video below!

The Dreamliner is one of the most green and economic planes available as well. This is why the demand is through the roof and why most airlines have to wait years to get the new planes. Boeing invested over 32 billion dollars into the development of the long range aircraft. It has a snappy cruising speed of of 596 mph and some of the planes have a range of 8000-8500 nautical miles!

The reason they are so economic is that Boeing used carbon fiber instead of aluminum to construct the body of the aircraft which drastically reduces total weight, translating into much less fuel used to travel the same distance.

I’ve yet to fly on a dreamliner, but I have some other friends that have gotten the opportunity to take a trip on one and they said they felt much more comfortable in the larger cabin. The extra goodies like the personal large screen, charging USB plugs, etc were great special touches that made the trip much more pleasurable.