You made it through undergrad, probably worked for a couple years, and now you’re looking to take your higher education to the next level, but, sticking around your home city just doesn’t seem interesting.

Well, BI Norwegian Business School basically created the best PR campaign I’ve ever seen and they’re going to select one lucky applicant to essentially be the most popular person in Oslo, no, really!

Watch this video if you don’t believe me:

Imagine having your face and interests plastered all over Oslo on billboards, in magazines, having everyone in school friend request you, everyone knowing how to pronounce your name correctly, your name on a beverage, a national TV commercial, etc. This is all going down for one lucky person and I don’t see how that person wouldn’t be the most popular person on campus, even if they like it or not. They’ve dubbed the campaign, “A Flying Start” which is pretty apt given what the school plans to do for the one student who wins.



Oslo is the capital of Norway in Scandinavia and has been ranked one of the top most livable cities in the world. It showcases a big international student population, beautiful architecture, stunning surrounding nature, a lively nightlife and much more.

BI Business School is very diverse and holds many major accreditations recognized the world over. Currently, there are over 1800 students  from a whopping 106 different countries making it one of the most diverse on the planet. I just wish I had any interest in hitting the books again!