Are you heading on a trip soon? If so, no matter if you are traveling for one week or a few months, traveling light is not only easier but it’s essential. With airlines limiting you at certain weight limits or bag restrictions, traveling light will save you from a headache not only at the airport but throughout your trip as well. So here’s how to do it successfully. 

Aim for One Bag

Yes, one bag. Either a backpack or a suitcase will do just fine. Don’t panic quite yet, we’ll walk you through how exactly you’re supposed to fit all of your belongings into just one bag. But first, if you don’t have a sturdy, reliable bag, your first step should be purchasing one. 

But wait! Don’t just purchase any random bag. If you are planning to fly, research what your airline bag specifications are so you don’t over or underestimate what size bag you should be bringing along.

Identify What You Can Purchase

This goes for your toiletries, food, and so on. Anything that you can buy when you get to your destination is key. Large bottles of shampoo, soap, and so on can be purchased when you arrive. Items that you absolutely cannot purchase while away such as prescriptions are the only exception but in terms of packing, try to purchase as many toiletry and hygiene products at your traveling destination.

Keep in mind, many hotels offer complimentary toiletry items such as shampoo, conditioner, and soap. 

Leave Unnecessary Items at Home

That novel that you think you’ll have time to read or that new hobby you think you’re going to pick up while traveling doesn’t belong in your luggage. Same goes for the 10 different pairs of shoes that you think you may wear with that one outfit. Stick with the essentials.

Gather Your Belongings

Now that you know what not to pack, here’s what you should. Always plan for the best case scenario, not the worst. If the worst case scenario does by chance happen, your plan should be to buy it while away. With this in mind, keep clothing and shoes to a minimum. Use basic clothing that can be easily layered and used with different climates and activities. Also try to only pack one of each. Meaning one pair of sneakers, sandals, sweatshirt, etc.

How to Pack Efficiently

After you have gathered all of the belongings you are planning to take with you, you’ll want to lay them out to ensure you have collected only essential items. If there is anything you are uncertain you will use and find yourself saying to yourself “well maybe if we do this or go here”, it should stay at home.

When you are finally ready to place all of your items in your bag, opting for airless bags or using a clothes compressor is ideal. Eliminating any wasted space aka air, can save you a surprisingly large amount of room. When using these bags try to organize them into appropriate groups such as undergarments and socks, shirts and pants, and miscellaneous items. 

Don’t forget to keep about a quarter of your bag empty for any souvenirs you pick up along the way.

Happy Travels!

After you’ve completed your traveling and are ready to kick your feet up and relax for a bit, it may seem like the perfect time to settle down in a place of your own. If you’re not ready to make the leap into home ownership, renting an apartment may fit your needs better. Start your search with Lincoln apartments to get an idea of what your next home can look like.