It’s always great to travel to places where most tourists don’t go because it allows us to understand the true meaning of travel. However, luggage safety is often a burden on the mind.

There is always the risk of losing your luggage at the airport especially if you are in a very crowded airport, or even if you are in a very remote airport. There are always a number of possibilities; your luggage may have fallen out, been switched, or perhaps stolen.

Being vigilant is paramount but without the help of technology, it’s a struggle. That’s why a GPS locator might be a game-changer on your next trip!

A locator placed in a hidden part of your luggage can continuously transmit GPS signals for real-time location notifications of the GPS device, thus your luggage and its belongings.

There are many types of GPS location trackers for luggage but only a few of them are truly reliable. Take for example these GPS location trackers by PAJ-GPS; POWER Finder 4G and ALLROUND Finder 4G. Both have tracking coverage in over 100 countries, thus anyone can buy these devices and use them in their own country. At least, the majority of countries in the world are covered by the PAJ-GPS tracking system.

The POWER Finder 4G can stay in standby mode for up to 90 days, making it perfect for your next adventure. You may not be able to charge your tracker often so relying on a tracker with a strong battery life is wise. However, for shorter trips, you can rely on the cheaper ALLROUND Finder 4G. Both are priced under $40; POWER Finder 4G for $39.99 and ALLROUND Finder 4G for $29.99.

But if you thought that what PAJ-GPS offers is just real-time tracking then you are wrong. Thanks to the Geofencing technology embedded in the tracking device, you can minimize the risk of your luggage being stolen or taken to places it shouldn’t be. So, Geofencing is a feature that allows you to set a safe area for your suitcase (in this case) so that if your suitcase is taken out of that area, you’ll be notified automatically so you can act faster.

In addition to the security of your belongings in your suitcase, your own security (and that of the people you are with) can also be enhanced with the PAJ-GPS location tracker. For example, if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, you can press the internal button, the SOS button to be precise, to send an emergency message to the police or your confidants along with your real-time location (based on your tracker’s real-time location). Remember that not all countries or regions are safe. You should prepare yourself for various scenarios.

Ultimately, a GPS location tracker is not a security risk eliminator. You cannot completely eliminate risk with this tool. What you can do with it is minimize the risk to such an extent that your trip will seem much safer. And when you come to this conclusion, you won’t want to travel far without a PAJ-GPS location tracker!