In the last couple of years we have seen a huge surge in the number of cheap tickets for air travel if you are prepared to forego putting your suitcases in the hold, opting instead for hand luggage only deals. Now at first this may strike fear into the hearts of those of you who love to wear variety of clothes when they travel or who wish to cram in all of their cosmetics, but in reality this is something which is definitely do-able, and given the reduction in cost to you, it is well worth doing.

If you want to save big on your flights, here is how to go hand luggage only.


Contrary to what you may believe, the maximum dimensions of your carry-on luggage are actually very generous and the first step will be to ensure that you have a suitcase which touches the very limits of what you are allowed, in order to maximize space. On top of your carry-on suitcase or bag, you are also allowed a small handbag or rucksack, giving you much more space. Don’t forget that the weight limit is 10kg. .


Naturally it is liquids which may concern you here as there are restrictions on what you are allowed in your hand luggage. The most that you are allowed to carry is 100ml per bottle, which means you are going to have to get creative. Most deodorants and perfumes or aftershaves are under the 100ml mark but shampoos and shower gels are not. The perfect solution to this is to grab some silicon travel bottles and then decant your liquids into those before you fly.


You are going to have to make the odd sacrifice when you go with carry-on luggage only, but when you make those tough decisions on shoes or weighty items, always remember how much cash you are saving. A great tip here is to aim to use multipurpose clothing such as trousers which cut off as shorts or large scarf which can act as a shawl or a sarong. The same goes for shoes here, leave the heels at home and put some pretty sandals in which are small and can be used for a variety of reasons.


Usually the heaviest items we have are gadgets, and you will have to ask yourself whether or not you really do need it all. A tablet for example will weigh far less than a laptop, and provide you with similar capabilities. If you have a number of USB chargers then just take one adaptor to keep that weight down as well.

Airport Dress

If you are worried that you will be overweight then don’t be afraid to pack some of those items on your person as you go through the airport, because you don’t get weighed. A laptop charger in your trouser pocket, wearing a heavy jacket and shoes instead of packing them or perhaps even a tablet or gadget in your jacket pocket can all help to bring the weight of your case down.

This is a great way to save money and the reality is that traveling hand luggage only really isn’t as tough as it seems.