If you have a friend or family member who loves golf on tellmemoregolf has some great ideas for what you can get them for Christmas this year. It is extremely helpful when gift buying if you have someone with a real passion like golfing as it just opens up so many possibilities in terms of what to get them. Even if they are the type of person who ‘has everything’ there is plenty within the world of golf that you can buy for them which will put a smile on their face. Let’s take a look at just some of the great gifts which you can buy for a golfer.

New Clubs

The obvious choice here is that you get them a new club or a new set of clubs. If you are looking to pick up a fresh set then somewhere like Golf Avenue has a vast selection of used golf clubs to choose from, which are just like new. If you prefer to be more specific then you can always focus on individual clubs such as new putter, driver or  lob wedge. Most golfers will buy sets of woods and irons and pick specific clubs for certain needs, a new golf club or set will go down very well with the recipient of this gift.

Warm Up Stick

Going into a game of golf cold can often be the cause of many shoulder and elbow injuries. To ensure that this doesn’t happen for your friend or family member then a great purchase would be a warm up stick. These products are thin rubber sticks with are weighted at the end and they can help to loosen up the joints and warm up the muscles ahead of a game.

Personalized Balls

Personalized golf balls are both style statement and a gift which is practical and many of the big golfing companies will offer this service. From a practical standpoint, identifying your ball helps on the course, especially if you’ve hooked one into the rough. In terms of style, there is something pretty classy about rocking up to the course with your own monikered golf balls.

Laser Rangefinder

If you want to go all out for a gift for a serious golfer then this is the perfect option, a laser rangefinder which will give the user an accurate distance to pin, and they even take into consideration the grade of the slope. Hitting 150 yards up hill is more like a 165 distance and the rangefinder can give an accurate analysis to the player before they hit their shot.

Golf Simulator

What better gift to give a golf lover than giving them the entire experience right in the comforts of their home? With a quality in-home golf simulator, they can play golf anytime, anywhere with friends and family. Whether they’re a professional golfer or a budding enthusiast, a golf simulator can help them hone their skills or enjoy endless fun playing the sport they love.

Quirky Club Cover

Golf head covers can ensure that clubs don’t get damaged or dirtied during the round and whilst they are in storage. These covers also make the bag look that little bit more quirky and there are a huge range which you can choose from. Whether you decide to choose Disney characters, animal heads or sleek branded club head covers, this is a gift which is sure to go down well.

Any golf fan is sure to love these gifts on Christmas morning.