The Tenth Festival of Film and Migration begins in Agadir, Morocco this year on 5 November and runs until the 9th. Every year this cinema festival has a theme and this year it is immigration and how it affects countries and people. It is an international festival and many very well-known directors and actors will be represented and will be visiting the festival during its run. Although centred on Agadir, the films will also be shown in more outlying areas, so everyone can join in.

panoramic of Agadir

How to get there

Agadir has a nearby airport – Agadir al Massira – and has frequent flights from most European destinations. There are also a fair amount of holiday operators that offer packages such as First Choice or Thomson. It is also possible to fly in to Casablanca, but the drive is fairly long from there to Agadir. Moroccan roads are quite good in the main, but with so many cheap flights into Agadir al Massira flying to Casablanca is usually only done by people coming from outside Europe. The best way to get around once in Agadir is by taxi, but the buses are quite frequent and reliable and trips out to other places such as Marrakesh by bus are simple to do with clear information at the stops. Once there, the best places to stay are apartment rentals, which are very easy to find and relatively cheap. Agadir is mainly a beach resort and this is reflected in the accommodation.

What to do

sandy beaches in Morocco

The beaches in Agadir are lovely, with white sand and lots of bars and restaurants along their length. Although in Africa, the French influence in Morocco is still very strong and this mostly shows in the food which is a true fusion of the two cuisines. Whether you want French pastries or genuine Moroccan cooking, you will find both more or less side by side anywhere you go. The beaches are really the main reason for visiting Agadir apart from the amazing film festival and if you are after a relaxing holiday it is hard to think of anywhere better.

Explore the city

When you finally feel like going to explore, though, there is a great souk to visit where you will find all the usual Moroccan goods such as leather, brassware and rugs. As always it pays to look carefully before buying and haggling is the rule, not the exception! There are also some interesting museums and galleries and for the historically inclined there is the Oufella Ruins which apart from being fascinating in their own right also provide one of the best views in the area. Like many resorts in the country, there are golf courses available and for the enthusiast they are perfectly kept and a real delight. They also welcome amateur level golfers, so there is no need to be intimidated – a round of golf after a morning on the beach with a fabulous French/Moroccan fusion meal to look forward to in the evening, along with a prize winning film must surely add up to the perfect holiday.