When you decide to visit Canada, you cannot ignore the magnificent Banff National Park and Lake Louise. The hamlet is so beautiful that you’re going to get your gallery full of beautiful screensavers and memorable postcards. There is a reason why most people around the world have Lake Louise as part of their wish list.

The breathtaking glacial waters will keep your curiosity longing for more. The high snowy peaks give a picturesque finishing for the beautiful scene. You can hike up the mountain for a hawk-eye view of the Lake. Then, on the ground, there are lots of canoe docks during the summer as well as skating equipment during the winter.

Prepare Your Canadian Travel Documents

Few countries in the world offer you a Visa on arrival. It’s inconveniencing to go through the rigorous documentation procedures at the airport when you are getting into a country. And, even though Canada is among the strictest countries you can visit, they do have an active online platform where you can register for your electronic travel authorization document. If you want to fulfill your desire of visiting Lake Louise, make sure to obtain a Canadian ETA as soon as possible. Find out if your country is one of the jurisdictions where registration is permissible.

Tips for the Lake Louise Canada Visit

Lake Louise is famous around the world and many people want to get there. So, you should expect to find many people.

Make sure to dress for the weather. The mountain is colder than the city, and the sun in Alberta might be brighter than you’re used to. So make sure to have sunscreen and sunglasses as well as enough mountain Gear.

Lake Louise is a glacial lake and it’s not wise to swim. Of course, you can enjoy the water on a canoe that you can rent and paddle. During the winter, you will need to use skates and glides.

If you want to experience the beautiful sunrise, then you should stay overnight. You will wake up to the stunning glare off the bright sun at the horizon of the lake and the snowy mountain peaks. There are many hotels and lodges where you can sleep and get this experience firsthand.


Just outside the door of your hotel, you will find the hill. The lake has three main world-class ski hills where you can join visitors to have fun. About 8000 acres of a beautiful skiable terrain awaits you between Mount Norquay, Lake Louise and Sunshine. Also, you get to experience one of the longest ski seasons in the whole of the Northern Hemisphere. You can arrange to book lift tickets so you can visit all the three results in just one trip.

Hiking the Banff National Park

Of course, you shouldn’t leave Lake Louise before you hike the Banff National Park. Hiking in the snow is captivating as you find your way through the trails. The Banff is one of the Premier destinations that you can visit. And passionate hikers will undoubtedly love the Lake Louise terrain. The Marine Lake, as well as the Johnston Canyon, will give you spectacular hikes.

The Columbia Icefield

During your stay in Lake Louise, you may want to visit different glaciers and witness the glass floor sceneries. The Lake Louise offers you one of the most picturesque starting points for your Athabasca glacier adventure. The Columbia ice field skywalk provides you with a stunning observatory of the Sunwapta Valley and the glittering glass floor.

The Breathtaking Site

You may decide to use the help of tour guides or helicopter. They will help you explore Lake Louise and its environment. Specifically, make sure to find your way to the mountain lakes and waterfalls which will give you a reason to use your camera.

Trail Riding

Whether you are a hiker or a rider, there are lots of fun activities you can get involved in. You may find a horse rider and ride your way around the beautiful trains. A trail right will help you explore and appreciate the beauty around the Lake.


Not all places are covered with snow. And indeed, not all waters are frozen. So, the lake will give you an iconic experience and using a canoe to transverse the beautiful waters is an unforgettable memory.

Mountain Biking

There are lots of rental bikes for you to make use of. If you want to explore the mountains at a personal level, then you may decide to pick one and ride through the slopes. Of course, you need to have enough mountain gear, but you can always hire or buy them on the site.

Fishing in Lake Louise

The tranquility of the lake gives you a picturesque experience. But also, you have a chance of fishing. And you can catch the fish any time of the year as long as you have experienced guides with you. The bow river is the place to be during the summer. But make sure to have a legal permit from the parks Canada offices in Lake Louise Township.