Okanagan Valley

The Okanagan Valley, in the interior of British Columbia, is a popular Canadian vacation destination known for skiing in the winter and watersports in the summer. The area’s quaint towns and lush vineyards are connected by a network of clear blue lakes and rivers and surrounded by rolling, sun-dappled hills. With the lake its most prominent feature, there are of course plenty of waterborne activities in the Okanagan. Try wakeboarding, power boating or take a slow and steady kayak across the water and stop off on one of the many beaches.



Vancouver is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and cosmopolitan adventurers alike. One of the most famous things about Vancouver is its physical beauty. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and deep blue sea, Vancouver is gorgeous; when the sun is shining, it’s truly a sight to behold. Vancouver’s meandering oceanside pathways are the perfect way to explore the city. Close to 30 kilometers of uninterrupted waterfront path surround Vancouver’s favorite neighborhoods, including the seawall around Stanley Park. Vancouver Houses for Sale have seen prices dip the most, providing opportunities for buyers looking to get into the area’s high-end markets. Vancouver’s overall economy and the influx of immigrants moving to the city also make it a good bet for investors.


Salt Spring Island

Kayaking on Salt Spring Island is a very popular activity. If you’re experienced, you can hire kayaks, or take a tour that includes some of the mini-islands around Salt Spring. You might even spot a seal or otter! There are freshwater lakes and beaches around Salt Spring Island where you can dip your toes in or go swimming. Try Beddis beach and Vesuvius Beach, both sandy beaches. The West Coast of Canada is a temperate rainforest, so Salt Spring can get a lot of rain in the winter, but get less than the rest of the West Coast – and summers are heavenly. There are plenty of different Salt Spring Islands hikes. Mount Maxwell is popular for views over the Fulford Valley. The Chris Hatfield Trail is a community maintained 20-minute walk that includes a fairy village. The Reginald Hill Trail and Mount Erskine Provincial Park also give great hills, if you can handle the steep uphill! Ruckle Provincial Park has beautiful tracks that follow the coast.



Nelson is popular for its prospering arts and crafts industry. Every year the city plays as the host to festivals and events such as the Nelson Arts Festival and the Wearable Arts Awards which draws in thousands of locals and tourists alike. Aside from these interesting events, the city is captivating itself being surrounded by its rugged terrain of virgin forests and sunny beaches. The strong British influence is evident in its culture and city structures. If you love the arts and want a fun-filled vacation in a natural setting where the sun is up all year round, then do drop by and experience Nelson City.