The club is one of the renowned associations of traveling enthusiasts all over the world. The club has been offering luxury vacationing services with accommodation in some of the best resorts since 1985. The club prides itself on being one of the best traveling clubs that provide exclusive traveling plans, cruising tours, and holiday plans to its members. The club, since its inception, has been delivering excellent services to its members. Since commencement, the company grew in size considerably. Today the Royal Holiday Vacation Club has over 100,000 members and gives its service in more than 52 countries all over the world.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club – Travelling to Mexico!

The members can find some fantastic discounts when traveling to Mexico and availing the membership benefits of the Royal Holiday Vacation Club. The club offers exclusive discounts for resort accommodation for members vacationing in Mexico and the Caribbean Islands.

Enjoy Your Mexico Holidays

The club truly delivers for its members when it comes to Mexico holidays. The members can enjoy some great discounts while staying at hotels, exploring the city, enjoying the cuisines, or even going for a shopping spree! The members can get the list of all available discounts while going to Mexico to have the peace of mind of making huge savings, all the while enjoying the trip.

Royal Holiday Mexico Resorts

The Caribbean coast is one of the best vacationing destinations with a host of activities and things to do for the visitors. The Royal Holiday Vacation Club has a strong presence there with deals with resorts and hotels to provide the best services to their members with discounts and exclusive offers.

The resorts in Mexico presents a quick break from routine life and take a person on a luxurious experience. People can enjoy swimming in the pool, or head to the beaches near the resort to soak under the sunlight. There are options to go for Jacuzzi, spas, and try the delicious Mexican cuisines. The resorts offer all types of amenities and services, including dining options, playing areas for kids, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sports arenas, and even video gaming! With the Royal membership in hand, the members can enjoy all these activities with exclusive discounts.

The Club takes care of Everything!

You will find the clubs offering resort options at places including, Huatulco, Los Cabos, Mayan Riviera, and Puerto Vallarta. You do not have to make a travel itinerary or bring a holiday planner. The club will make all the arrangements for you at some of the best resorts in the region. They will also help you with all the activities you can do in the area. The club provides exceptional arrangements, and the travelers can focus on enjoying the luxuries of the resorts and leave the planning to the club.

The club plans the whole trip and has arrangements with the best resorts in Mexico, keeping in mind the comfort and security of its members. Whether you are someone who fancy beach dance parties or you want to indulge in a quiet romantic dinner with your partner, or perhaps you like to explore the outdoors, the resorts will offer you all these charms. You can also take traveling services through the resort, go on a touring bus, or spend a day exploring the amenities of the resort. Having the Royal Holiday Vacation Club membership will make you one of the esteemed guests of the resort, and you will get the best of services.

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