Empaths are incredibly in touch with the emotions of others. They can deeply feel what others are experiencing at an intense level. This can make it challenging for them to be around toxic people or harsh environments, as they unwillingly absorb others’ energies.

If this sounds like you, we’re offering 6 signs that you might be an empath so you can find out for yourself. Take a short break from checking out helmets from Get Lowered Cycles, and let’s get into it.

Excellent at Listening

Empaths are incredibly excellent at listening to others. They feel a deep desire to help others, and they know that the only way to do so is to get an accurate understanding of how they’re feeling. Empaths have no trouble sitting down and listening to someone’s worries and fears for as long as it takes – even if it does emotionally drain them, they’ll always put others before themselves.

Powerful Intuition

Empaths have a strong intuition. Seeing as they’re so in tune and connected to their emotions and the emotions of others, this comes as no surprise. They feel the energy of a room, and that’s why they can often predict things that have yet to happen and often be correct.

Love of Nature

Nature is an intricate part of the lives of empaths. Not only do they feel a deep connection to people, but they feel this same connection to nature. That’s why they’re prone to spend a lot of their time outside, relishing in the fresh air, appreciating the songs of the birds, and admiring the plants and trees that surround them. Nature is an empath’s sanctuary.

Sensitive to Loud Noises

Sensitivity to loud or unexpected noises is something that empaths frequently experience. Considering they spend so much of their time thinking and feeling, loud or unexpected noises can take them from this internal space quite abruptly. This is why they’re likely to avoid places, movies, or experiences that involve a lot of unexpected and loud noises.

Need for Isolation

There’s a lot of emotional work that goes into being an empath, which is exactly why they have a strong need to isolate often. They need their alone time to regroup and process all that they’ve experienced. Empaths struggle to find calmness and peace when they’re around others, as they absorb all of their emotions deeply, so this alone time is paramount when it comes to them sustaining their energy and positive well-being.

Struggles with Boundaries

Empaths have an incredibly difficult time telling people “no.” They don’t like to hurt the feelings of others, and they feel like telling someone no will hurt them in some way. Empaths struggle greatly with establishing boundaries, which makes them more prone to relationships with people like narcissists who take advantage of this.