When most enlightened people hear of the advancements of machine learning and artificial intelligence, they exhibit either fear or excitement. Fear because of the uncertainty of what could happen when machines begin to really think and act like humans. Excitement because of all the possibilities of how machines could single-handedly advance our world to make it an even better, more efficient place. Also, there is an enormous amount of job opportunity in machine learning, you can also learn about ML by taking a machine learning online course.

Machine learning (ML) basically means the ability of a computer system to take information from artificial intelligence (AI) to perform tasks and learn how to improve on it automatically without any further input being programmed. Just like humans, the more machines learn, the more they ‘grow’. Below are 4 ways this growth is affecting our world.

1. New Careers

Interestingly, the advancement of AI and ML are creating new careers that did not exist just two decades ago. Professionals such as software engineers, doctors, soldiers, data analysts, and even human behavior experts such as psychologists can now specialize in AI and ML in order to position themselves for careers of the future. People looking to switch careers no longer have to go through university all over again. With continuous learning from online courses offered by reputable industry professionals, one can learn to become an authority in their field. Edureka offers one of the best online post-graduate programs in artificial intelligence and machine learning combined.

2. Smart and Safer Homes

AI has a direct impact on the evolution of The Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is when everyday home items and appliances such as lights, refrigerator, microwave, vacuum cleaner, toaster, coffee maker, etc. are connected to the internet. This connection makes them ‘smarter’. A homeowner is able to automate domestic activities at home with a few taps on their phone or a virtual assistant such as Alexa or Siri. Security systems are also connected to allow the virtual assistant to monitor the home while the owner is away. And in case of any security threats, the home goes on lock-down mode while the police are automatically notified.

3. Futuristic Transportation

ML is the primary reason why automobile manufacturers are now able to even attempt inventing flying cars, electric cars, and other futurist transportation for maximum efficiency and safety. Drivers do not need to learn how to fly cars like pilots do. The bulk of the work would be automated and performed by the car’s computer system. This completely eliminates the risks of human errors and ensures safety.

4. Dangerous Tasks Delegation

Tasks that are too dangerous for human involvement such as toxic material disposal and bomb diffusions are now being delegated to robots. Drones are able to perform surveillance in enemy territory that decades ago was done by people. Tough fixes at incredibly extreme conditions would not be possible without ML. Rescue operations now have a higher rate of success as a direct impact of ML application in rescue machines.


While others may fear the unknown, the known so far has been all positive. ML is changing the world for the better. In the next decades, AI and ML would completely transform every aspect of people’s professional and personal lives.