What is Cybersecurity, and why is it important for businesses

As businesses started to transition to online platforms to complete their operations, they started storing confidential data and information on those online platforms. Additionally, storing data on online platforms made it possible for people to work remotely and complete their work from any location.

Even though working on online platforms had many benefits for businesses, it also had a lot of setbacks. One of the setbacks was being careful with the data and ensuring that businesses added cyber security to protect company accounts to the best extent.

So, cybersecurity is ensuring that company accounts – whether a virtual private network, an email platform, cloud storage, etc. – are secured with additional layers of security and are protected from external sources that might be able to crack the passwords and access confidential data. It is important to secure these accounts since losing data to the public could cause harm to a company’s reputation and affect its operations.

How a multi factor authentication application can secure a Barracuda account

Numerous cyber security methods are available to secure company accounts; however, one of the best methods is connecting accounts to a multi factor authentication application. 

Whenever an MFA application is connected, people trying to sign into an account will be required to prove their identities by answering additional questions. 

For instance, some businesses connect Barracuda VPN 2FA, meaning that users need to provide a second-factor authentication besides the username and password. This ensures employees that their accounts are secured to the fullest extent, without having to worry about hackers or cyber-attackers. 

Consequences of not having enough security 

Some people might think that securing a virtual private network account is not beneficial since most hackers try to target online accounts which have data stored in them. However, this is far from the truth, as a VPN account, like a Barracuda VPN account, allows employees to surf the web with a hidden identity.


In other words, a VPN keeps the usernames of employee accounts hidden from the public, decreasing the chances of hackers knowing the username and trying to access it. 

So, having a secure VPN account will be beneficial in the long run, as it will give employees a secret identity and keep their usernames hidden from external sources. 

Basic steps to Undertake to connect an MFA application to a Barracuda account

To connect an MFA application to a Barracuda account, here are some of the most basic steps managers need to follow to ensure a secure connection

1. Research and find the best MFA application for your business

Many MFA applications are available in the market; some require additional user skills, and other applications might not be as trustworthy as others.

So, when researching for an MFA application, make sure to install an application that has moderate complexity and is secure enough to connect company accounts to it.

2. Submit an application for a company domain account

The next step is to create a domain account which will be responsible for giving company accounts access to use the MFA application for their accounts. 

To create the domain account, users need to submit an application to the MFA provider and wait for the approval. 

3. Connect the domain account with company accounts to add the extra security

Now that the domain account has been created, users need to provide access to employee accounts so that they will be able to set up the MFA account and ensure their accounts are secured to the best extent. 

4. Ask employees to set up their accounts with the MFA provider

During the setting up process, users are required to choose the type of authentication method they prefer. Applications offer numerous options; nevertheless, the most common ones are fingerprint scans, push notifications sent to other electronic devices, face recognition, and one-time text sent to an email address or a number.


In a nutshell, storing data online has its ups and downs. In order to decrease the number of obstacles that employee accounts might face due to hackers and cyber-attackers, it is best managers take matters into their own hands and use different cybersecurity measures to ensure the protection of their accounts.