We all want a little splash of luxury when we’re on vacation. Whether you’re the extravagant sort or not, there’s something about traveling and taking time off that brings that craving for something extra special. 

And what could be more special or luxurious than a yachting experience from 12 Knots

Curious about the hype around renting a yacht? We’ve got four compelling reasons that will make you reconsider your next vacation plans. Keep reading to find out why.

Luxury and Comfort

First of all, spending time on a yacht will undoubtedly provide that extra touch of luxury to your holiday. It’s not every day you’re out on a beautiful boat on crystal blue waters, so it’s no surprise that it will be a special experience. 

Yachts offer the ultimate in luxury and comfort when it comes to accommodation. With the spacious rooms, beautiful bathrooms, and additional amenities, you’ll feel like you’re staying in a 5-star water-bound hotel. Most yachts also come with waiting staff and even a personal chef, which means you’ll be treated like royalty and able to relax completely. 

Unmatched Privacy and Exclusivity

One of the only things that can make travel truly uncomfortable is the swarms of tourists you’ll inevitably encounter on your trip. Crowded beaches and overly packed resorts are a thing of the past when you rent your own private yacht on which to enjoy your time off. 

The yachting experience is an intimate one, allowing you quality quiet time with your loved ones far away from the buzz of tourist trap destinations and the noise of big cities. Getting out on a yacht is one of the few ways you can completely disconnect from real life and immerse yourself in the natural world. 

Unique Destinations

While you can purchase yacht charters with predetermined routes and destinations, you’ll also have the option to create your own itinerary and choose exactly where you’d like to go and when. This makes the travel experience completely unique.

Depending on your preferences, you can visit enchanting islands, hidden coves, or glittering coastlines. Destinations like Greece, Thailand, and even France all offer exquisite yachting experiences that will make your next vacation the most memorable you’ve ever had. These experiences allow both relaxation and exploration in a neatly tied-up package you can’t possibly say no to. 

Unbeatable Activities and Experiences

Finally, keep in mind that there’s more to yachting than simply lounging about on deck and enjoying a few cocktails. While that is certainly an appealing and plausible way to spend your vacation, there’s also a lot more to do and experience. 

From snorkeling to water sports, you can chat with your crew about everything that you’d like to do and experience while out on the water. And even though you might want to make sure you’re enjoying the yacht to its full potential, it’s also a great idea to spend some time on shore, exploring local towns, and enjoying some on-foot activities!