The CBD industry is currently working to build up information about CBD products like CBD gummies, and it’s not easy to make a case when you’re dealing with so many differing opinions. You’ll hear stories from people who say it changed them for the better and stories from those who say they barely felt the effects. How could a substance affect people so differently? 

It’s really not that unusual. Most substances affect individuals differently. Doctors may prescribe differing medications for the same ailment to different patients because they have varying medical histories. One prescription might not work the same for different patients. 

The same goes for CBD gummies. They can affect people differently based on a variety of factors, including the following. 

The Wrong Stuff 

Although the CBD industry has made impressive strides over the last couple of years or so, there are still problems with regulation in the industry. Some companies have shady practices in which they sell products containing less CBD than advertised. Their CBD might also contain toxins or pesticides from non-USDA hemp sources. 

If you’ve purchased CBD from one of these companies, you might not be feeling the effects simply because you’re not using the right stuff. Some CBD companies offer more potent CBD products as well. It’s important to review each company carefully before making a purchase. 

Let’s look at Penguin CBD, for example. It’s a reputable online supplier of CBD that checks all the boxes for getting quality CBD gummies. It has good reviews, the price point is reasonable, and you can read third-party lab reports for each batch of their gummies. Whether you buy your gummies from Penguin or another company, make sure you check all the boxes for reputability before making a purchase. 

Poor Bioavailability of Product

 CBD starts working when it enters your blood stream. The amount of CBD that enters your bloodstream after you take an associated product is known as the bioavailability. Some CBD products have more bioavailability than others. 

Typically, inhalants and sublingual tinctures have the highest bioavailability of CBD products. These enter the blood stream faster, work more quickly, and tend to last longer than other types of CBD products. 

CBD gummies have a decent bioavailability, but it’s not as high as inhalant or sublingual tinctures. It’s possible that some bodies process the bioavailability of CBD better than others as well. Some may require a product with a little better bioavailability to feel the effects while others feel the effects of CBD gummies just fine. 

Genetic Makeup 

Your genes determine how well you’ll absorb outside compounds like CBD. Research on cannabis shows that about 20 percent of the U.S. population might have a unique mutation in their genes. This mutation increases the cannabinoids and endocannabinoids that the body naturally produces. 

Those with this particular mutation are believed to feel the effects of cannabis products on a lesser level. Because the body produces more cannabinoids than normal, a typical dose of CBD won’t make much of an impact on your endocannabinoid system. 

It’s possible that these individuals could experience the effects of CBD at a higher dose than normal, but most don’t need CBD because their body’s cannabinoids are already doing the work. 

Built-Up Tolerance 

When taking any substance, your body will begin to build up a tolerance to that substance. You’ll likely have to increase the dosage in order to feel the effects of said substance, and in some cases, you may not feel the effects of it anymore. 

CBD would have the same effect on your body. Over time, you’ll build up a tolerance to the substance, and your body will need a higher dose to feel the effects. 


Biochemistry leaves a trace as distinguishable as a footprint. Everybody’s is different, and therefore, everybody will process CBD slightly differently. Your biochemistry influences the way your body interacts with new compounds. 

This biochemical trace has the same effect on any new substance. This is the reason that some people need two ibuprofen to kill a migraine while others need four. Or the reason that half a can of a caffeinated soda will make one person jittery while it won’t affect another at all. 

Biochemistry also changes with time. Age, lifestyle, habits, stress exposure, diet, medication, supplements, medical conditions, and environmental factors can alter the way your body handles CBD because it’s adapted to handle current conditions. Therefore, your body may react differently to cannabinoids at different times. 


Oftentimes, the reasons CBD affects people so differently simply comes down to the dosage. The dosing recommendations can be somewhat confusing to individuals, and a user might try CBD once at a dose that’s too low, get frustrated that it didn’t work, and never try CBD again. If they had simply tried again at a different dose, they might have found the dosing sweet spot. 

Additionally, different delivery methods of CBD require different doses. Inhalable CBD, for example, usually requires a lower dose than edible gummies because of the bioavailability of the delivery method. It’s possible that if you’re trying CBD gummies at the same dose as you would a CBD inhalant, you wouldn’t feel the effects the same way. 


Although men and women are supposed to be treated equally in society, CBD doesn’t seem to care. It treats the two genders differently. 

Women are typically more sensitive to the effects of cannabis when it comes to their health. They tend to feel its effect on pain or anxiety more keenly and require smaller doses—partly because their genetic makeup tends to be smaller and partly because they’re more sensitive to it. 

Men are more likely to get hungry after taking CBD and require higher doses. It’s believed the differences between the effects on men and women go back to the hormones unique to men and women. 

Additionally, hormonal surges may influence a person’s sensitivity to CBD. Women, for example, experience hormonal surges according to where they are in their monthly cycle, and this can affect the way she feels the effects of CBD. 

General Health 

Healthy individuals are not going to feel the full effects of CBD simply because they don’t need it to feel good. They are already at a good place with their mental and physical health, and adding CBD to the mix isn’t going to change that. It’s a substance that you would typically only use when something is wrong, although it’s recommended that you take it daily for the full effects. 

If you have an underlying health condition, your sensitivity to CBD might also be altered. Your biochemistry will be altered as the result of the condition, and you’ll feel the effects of any exterior substance as well. 

Additionally, you might not feel the full effects of CBD because you’re simply trying to treat the symptom of a deeper, undiagnosed health issue. 

CBD gummies can help many individuals feel better and healthier, but it won’t be the same for everyone. Don’t expect your story with CBD to be the same as your neighbor’s, and explore the substance for yourself to find the most effective way to use it.