Nowadays, CBD products are in demand because many people seem to believe that these products can relieve the physical symptoms of their illnesses. However, not all CBD products being offered online are legitimate health supplements since some merchants are not actually telling the truth about the efficacy of their CBD products. So, it pays to be cautious before you pay for any CBD product.

That being said, here are some factors that you should bear in mind when you’re canvassing CBD products so that you only buy for a legitimate product.

Seek Out Reputable Merchants

When it comes to buying CBD products, the Internet may seem like a wild frontier. Because of this, you’ll probably want to be cautious about where to buy your CBD product.

If it seems that a lot of reviews praise a certain merchant, you can assume that you can try that website’s products first. The good news is that some reputable websites, like, already built a strong following among consumers.

It also pays to read the negative reviews because some merchants might have a bad reputation online so you can steer clear of those websites, too.

Read About the Farm Bill 2018

This law in the US permits you to legally raise or purchase the hemp plant, which is a variant of the Cannabis Sativa plant family, and its derivative called CBD, or better known as cannabidiol.

If you’ll be buying CBD products in bulk and want to check if your purchase is legal, you may want to examine this law. Also, you may want to check if the US state you’re currently residing will allow you to accept shipments and use CBD legally within that state or across state lines.

Check For the Reputed Benefits

You’ll find many websites that talk about the benefits you can get if you purchase and use their CBD products. One of the benefits they’ll talk about is the ability to relieve chronic pain.

It’s worth noting that there are many benefits that CBD is reportedly able to give. Often, the only way you can verify these claims is by consuming the products themselves. Otherwise, you can look for online reviews about certain brands of CBD products to check about the benefits and the reputation of those brands.

You should also determine how much THC is in the CBD product before you opt to buy it. THC is the psychoactive component of the other Cannabis Sativa plant called marijuana while CBD is the non-psychoactive component of hemp.

Check the Pricing of the CBD Products

CBD products, such as CBD oil, are actually rather pricey. So, it’s always recommended to determine the price range for the particular CBD product you want.

You’ll find that there are many CBD products out there and they’re priced differently, depending on the vendor. Don’t go for the lowest price automatically because you might be getting a CBD product that’s low-quality. Sometimes, if it seems to be of better quality than the others, a more costly CBD product is preferable. On the other hand, don’t go for an expensive product if you can find a cheaper one that has the same quality as the former.

Check for Third-party Testing

It’s always important to determine if a particular merchant is telling the truth about the CBD product you’re interested in. One way you can do that is to check their third-party testing status.

Some merchants don’t bother with third-party testing and expect the public to buy their products just because they said so. If you can’t find a third-party testing certification in a particular merchant’s site, try looking through other merchant websites instead. The Internet is a big place, so you’ll have to be patient with this – wait until you find a reputable merchant who has third-party testing.

One reason you should look for third party testing is that there are unscrupulous merchants who take advantage of the trust of the public to sell CBD products that are fake and even dangerous to consume. There’s one case in 2017 when over 50 people from Utah were downed by fake CBD products. To avoid becoming a victim yourself, be cautious before buying and consuming a CBD product.


CBD products may be popular nowadays but you should exercise great care before you buy any particular product for yourself or for others. This is because there are merchants who are out to make a fast sale at the expense of the public.

If you intend to buy, make sure you’re not breaking the law, whether state or federal law in the US or any other territory. You should also take other factors into consideration, such as benefits gained, pricing, and the reputation of the merchant online.

Lastly, always look for certification of third-party testing just to be on the safe side.