Don’t be alarmed if you hear noise coming from your HVAC system vents. This is completely normal. It is not normal, however, to hear the volume of the sounds increase, to hear high-pitched noises, rattling or other sudden and obnoxious noises. Noisy air vents can be a sign that you need to consider furnace repair in Salt Lake City.

What should you do when you hear noise coming through the vents?

Is It an Airflow Problem?

Airflow restrictions are among the most common reasons for noisy vents. In general, any airflow restriction can lead to bigger problems with the AC. When the AC cannot blow air into the home, it will work even harder. As it works harder than it is supposed to, you are more at risk of the whole system breaking down.

If you have an air flow problem, some common reasons may include:

  •       Dirty air filters
  •       Closed duct dampers
  •       Obstructed registers
  •       Debris in the ducts

If you have a dirty air filter, your best solution is to replace it. This is an easy fix to many AC problems. Debris in the ductwork can also be common. Sometimes, nails, small toys and screws might end up in the ducts. Not only can a dirty duct affect the way that your AC runs, but it can affect the air quality.

Check the registers for any obstructions. Furniture, rugs and curtains sometimes obstruct the registers. This makes the AC run slower and can lead to different noises. If you have dampers, you should also check to make sure that they are not closed.

Is It an Electrical Problem?

Your furnace has many different electrical parts. Each of these parts is crucial to your unit’s function. If there are electrical issues, you may hear constant and ongoing clicking noises. In addition to clicking, you may hear humming or buzzing noises. Often, these sounds are constant and abnormal. Another sound you may hear is a rattling coming from the furnace.

Some noise from your HVAC unit is typical. However, if you are hearing too much noise or if you are hearing new noises from the machine, then it may be time to think about furnace repair in Salt Lake City. When it comes to airflow problems, you can generally check for those beforehand. A lot of airflow restrictions have easy fixes that you can do without professional help. Electrical problems, However, and other issues with the components in your furnace may take different types of repair.