The first motorhome trip is always an exciting experience. It is an excellent way to explore new places, build strong relationships with family members, and simply enjoy your freedom!  Before investing in your own RV, consider renting one in order to see its pros and cons. That’s what you need to know before hitting the road with your favorite people for the first time:

Choose the right type

There are different classes of motorhomes – A, B, C. If you plan to travel with small kids or a big group of friends, consider renting Class A motorhome. This type usually comes equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping quarters. 

If you want to travel with your partner only, Devon motorhomes would be the right option for you.

You might also want to consider the option of renting a travel trailer in case you want to go on a trip for the weekend. For a long-distance trip, choose Class A or B motorhome.

It’s recommended to get insurance so that you can be prepared for different situations. Every local RV company can help you find the right type of insurance within your budget.

Plan in advance

Traveling by motorhome gives you freedom – you can go anywhere you want and take a break when you feel like it. Nonetheless, you should make a detailed plan before hitting the road. It will help you save money and avoid unpleasant situations. 

First of all, set up your daily budget that includes entertainment, gas, and meals. Secondly, plan where you want to go and find RV parks beforehand so that you will not get stuck in the middle of nowhere. It’s fine when you are alone, but you can’t risk if you travel with your family.

Here is what you need to take for your first motorhome trip: