Going from living an exceedingly active daily lifestyle with regular sessions working out at the gym and barely a minute to sit down and rest to being forced to slow down to almost a stop when injury or illness hits can be detrimental to your mental health.

In order to combat a decline in your emotional wellbeing, take a look at the following tips for keeping your mind active when recovering from illness.

Remember Your Phone is an Entertainment Hub

Obviously, there is nothing like sitting back on the couch with the latest Blockbuster action movie in 3D jumping out at you from your large screen television, but if you are confined to bed and only have your phone, remember there is so much that little device can do to entertain you.  

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Couch & Bed Exercises

Now, if you are only confined to bed rest for a couple of weeks or a few months, your chances of developing issues with your physical health are far less than if you have been ordered by your medical doctor to stay in bed for the entirety of a long recovery.

Should you be in the latter group, then as well as mental exercises, you should also ask your doctor about simple physiotherapy exercises, such as lengthening and stretching your legs and pushing your arms as high as you can out in front of you, which you can enact several times a day. 

The last thing you want in your fight for recovery is to develop ulcers and pressure sores, so if you deem it appropriate, it might be a good idea to look for foam ramps and specially designed therapeutic mattresses to help with movement and rotation. 

Improve Your Brain Power

In a simultaneous effort to both boost your brain power and engage your brain, as well as staving off the boredom and frustration you may be feeling whilst you recover from your injury, it would also be advisable to have a book of sudoku, word-searches or crosswords to hand. Logic puzzles, arrow words and even books packed full of riddles are also all great ways of exercising your brain

If you enjoy writing, treat yourself to a new notebook and a set of pens and see if writing down your thoughts and feelings about your current situation and your future plans helps to release some of the frustration. 

Get Creative!

Another fabulous way of making the most of this downtime you have been forced to take is to pursue a new hobby or revisit a forgotten pastime you used to enjoy.

From crocheting and painting to learning to play a new musical instrument or trying your hand at a Lego Creator modular build, get those creative juices flowing, and you might even feel a little better and more positive moving forward.