Fjord in Taba, Egypt

One of Egypt’s most popular resorts is Sharm El Sheikh. Hiding in its shadows is the sometimes overlooked but still delightful resort of Taba. With a mountainous backdrop and the lure of the Red Sea, Taba will fulfill your budget or all-inclusive holiday to Egypt with plenty of fun things to enjoy.

Taba is located on the Sinai Coast on the Egyptian-Israeli border and benefits from year-round sunshine and a long, endless summer. Starting in April the summer season offers hot temperatures and ends in late October.

Obviously it will be hard to tear yourself away from the pool and blissful beach, but you’ll want the odd treat and to explore this wonderful destination.


First on the holiday agenda should be a spot of snorkelling, if only to keep you in the cool water whilst you acclimatise. Take a snorkelling trip by boat to see the Fjord and the 12th Century Citadel as well as colourful inhabitants of the sea. These include parrot fish, octopus, angelfish, barracuda, lion fish, moray eels and turtles. The Fjord and Citadel aren’t bad either.

Quad biking

When you’re ready to explore, have a go at quad biking. This is fantastic fun and you will get to feel the wind and the desert in your hair too.More importantly the views of the desert, mountains and canyons are superb.

Camel trekking

When in Egypt there are only so many times you can turn down a camel ride, so hop on and experience something you will never forget when on cheap Egypt holidays – you can normally haggle with them and get a pretty good deal! Be sure to take plenty of photos.


Your all-inclusive holiday will keep you well fed with three meals a day plus snacks, but you must try the delights of Castle Zaman whilst you are here. It’s an intriguing faux-medieval venue complete with swimming pool and a private beach. But the real charm lies in the mouth watering, slow-cooked meat dishes on offer. As the emphasis is on slow cooking, be prepared to wait several hours for your food and order in advance. It’s definitely worth the wait.

Do you know about any other cool things to do in Taba, Egypt?