Memes are one of the wider cultural aspects of the internet. Like an in-joke or reference, a meme can communicate a lot of ideas in a single image that is widely understood by the people viewing it. Internet memes have been seen on every corner of the internet, been referenced in academic studies, and even been made into widely sold merchandise. If you can buy a shirt with a meme you find particularly funny, then it should come as no surprise you can buy a crypto coin with it as well. The crypto world has developed its unique community over the years with its memes, references, jargon, and general traits that define a unique group of people. Memecoins are a unique part of crypto as they add a bit of fun and whimsy to the whole process. When things are going slowly or there hasn’t been major news in a while memecoins offer something colorful to have fun with and also increase your investment.

The Most Exciting New Crypto Memecoins

While memecoins are certainly humorous and the fun aspect of them should be enjoyed, the financial aspect should not be overlooked. The following three memecoins have seen widespread user adoption leading to increased sales, value, and growth in overall activity across the crypto space.

  1. BONK: memes make use of a wide assortment of images from all walks of life, ranging from pop culture to food. There is no telling what the next popular meme may be based on. The Shiba Inu has been used in memes more than once and the popular meme this coin is based on is a familiar one. You’ve more than likely seen the image of a Shiba Inu hitting another with a bat. Taking this well-known image, the associated memecoin has seen fast growth and widespread use in the chain, in games, and DeFi as a whole. It can be bought and traded on a variety of platforms.
  2. dogwifhat: continuing on the theme that animals are fun dogwifhat is based on the popular meme of a dog in a hat, as the name suggests. Another Shiba Inu meme, the dog’s hat, has been changed into an assortment of logos, brands, and hairstyles for a variety of jokes and posts. Another fast-growing coin that has seen widespread adoption in trading and use dogwifhat has seen substantial increases in its trading volume and value.
  3. Pepe: the famous frog image Pepe has been a part of internet culture for years and has been seen by millions of internet and social media users. It’s only natural that such a well-known and widely used meme would have a coin based on it. The coin has seen growth and a few dips in price. However, it remains a popular coin for crypto investors who enjoy buying and trading memecoins. It has become an established part of the wider cryptocurrency world.

Final Thoughts

Crypto offers many opportunities for creativity. Memecoins offer one such way for a token to be unique and stand out. This not only makes for more fun in the overall space, but it also creates a token that’s memorable and can become widely popular.