Summer is almost here, and with it, the start of camping season is imminent as well. If you’re like me, you are likely itching to get out into nature, where days are spent trekking through the wilderness, playing in the waves trying to teach yourself surfing, or simply admiring the beauty of Mother Nature, be it in the form of mountains, lush forest, or rugged seacoasts.

The tough part of getting out into the woods for some quality time is either cost or discomfort.  You either shell out a ton of cash for a luxury lodge or hotel, or you rough it on the ground with only a thin layer of nylon separating you from the elements. Why can’t we have a place to stay that won’t bankrupt us, while maintaining the authentic connection to nature that a proper hotel walls us off from?

A third way has emerged recently, as the glamping revolution has opened up wild spaces to those scared off by the prospect of sleeping on the hard, unforgiving ground. Glamping has taken the minimalistic tent and has added some panache to it, with comfortable mattresses replacing uncomfortable sleeping bags, ensuite bathrooms eliminating pitch black runs to the bathroom, and décor items within adding a sense of style to its interior. It is more close in the comfort aspect to RVing or Carvananning than traditional camping.

Interested in giving this new sub-genre of outdoor enjoyment a whirl this year?  Glamping for beginners in these locations or other locations around the Rocky Mountains might be the best way to experience some of this outdoor excitement.

For those that hail from the good ‘ol USA (or readers visiting my dear homeland from abroad), here are three glamping sites that stand out in my mind among the many options that can be found across America…


Moab Under Canvas, Utah

Located within easy striking distance from Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, which boast some of the most distinctive desert scenery in America, Moab Under Canvas offers a variety of safari-style canvas tents.

They come equipped with a fully functional bathroom, a spacious king size bed with oil lanterns for lighting after dark, and timeless views out your front porch door of the Wasatch Range. Your days can start early with an unforgettable hot air balloon ride, or they can begin later with a leisurely bike or trek through the red rock desert that proliferates in this area.

moab under canvas

The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana

Embedded within the mountainous reaches of Western Montana, The Ranch at Rock Creek is a former cattle station that introduces work-weary city dwellers to completely different way of life. It all starts with the homely cabins/tents that you will call home for the duration of your vacation, which offer fireplaces, kitchenettes, and a sense of style for those seeking an extra special experience on their trip to the Montana Rockies.

A variety of activities means that everybody will find something to their liking to keep them occupied during the day, whether it happens to be horseback riding, fly fishing, or just soaking in a relaxing jacuzzi tub while admiring the snow-capped peaks on the distant horizon.

rock creek ranch in Montana

3) Bali House and Bali Cottage, Hawaii

If absconding to America’s tropical paradise is on your agenda this year, but the prices of resorts have you going through some serious sticker shock, not to worry: Hawaii has some killer glamping options to choose from as well! Bali House and Bali Cottage is situated on the Big Island, fronting the black sands of Kehena Bay with cottages that were taken apart in Bali and shipped here.  The result is the exotic stylings of the former destination placed amidst the outstanding natural environment of the Big Island.  The bathroom boasts a rain shower, while your bed will be tough to get out of despite the paradise that waits outside – silky soft sheets atop a cloud-like mattress will do their best to keep you within their soft embrace.

Bali Cottage in Hawaii

There you have it, just a few of the most beautiful places to go glamping in the US.


This post was sponsored by The Ranch at Rock Creek