Distracted driving is a significant road issue worldwide, and Bakersfield, California, is no exception. Despite numerous campaigns and laws aimed at curbing this behavior, accidents due to distracted driving continue to occur at an alarming rate.

Bakersfield is the ninth-largest city in California, with an estimated population of 397,392 in 2021. With such a large population, it is no surprise that car accidents occur frequently in Bakersfield. Hiring car accident lawyers in Bakersfield when you are involved in an accident is essential because they can help you get the compensation you deserve.

We must be aware of the potential dangers on the road and take the necessary precautions to keep ourselves and others safe. In this post, we’ll dive into the three primary forms of distracted driving that frequently lead to car accidents in Bakersfield.

Visual Distractions

Visual distractions involve taking your eyes off the road. This can include texting, adjusting the GPS, changing the radio station, or even turning to speak to passengers. In Bakersfield, as in many other places, texting is particularly prevalent among younger drivers.

According to statistics from local law enforcement, a significant number of accidents involving young drivers are attributed to texting behind the wheel. Given how quickly an accident can happen, even brief inattention can have disastrous results.

To combat visual distractions, drivers must always prioritize keeping their eyes on the road. Using hands-free technology for phone calls, setting up GPS directions before starting the journey, and limiting interactions with passengers can all help minimize visual distractions and reduce the risk of accidents.

Manual Distractions

Distracted driving occurs when you take your hands off the wheel. Examples include eating or drinking, fiddling with controls, or grooming while operating a motor vehicle.

In Bakersfield, the fast-paced lifestyle and long commute often lead drivers to multitask behind the wheel, increasing the likelihood of manual distractions.

One particularly concerning trend is the consumption of food and drinks while driving. Drive-through restaurants and coffee shops are abundant in Bakersfield, making it convenient for drivers to grab a quick bite or a caffeine boost.

However, attempting to eat or drink while driving diverts attention away from the road and reduces reaction times, significantly increasing the risk of accidents.

To address manual distractions, drivers should refrain from engaging in activities that require them to take their hands off the wheel. If necessary, they should pull over in a safe location to attend to any tasks that cannot wait until the end of their journey.

Cognitive Distractions

Even though these distractions are just as dangerous as visual or manual ones, they might be less obvious. A driver’s capacity to concentrate on the road ahead might be affected by daydreaming, in-depth talks, loud music, and personal problems.

In Bakersfield, the stresses of daily life, long commutes, and heavy traffic can contribute to cognitive distractions among drivers. Additionally, fatigue and drowsiness further exacerbate this issue, as tired drivers are more prone to zoning out or losing concentration while behind the wheel.

To combat cognitive distractions, drivers should consciously try to stay mentally engaged while driving. This can entail avoiding heated or emotionally charged discussions, frequently stopping while traveling long distances, and engaging in mindfulness exercises to maintain present-moment awareness and task-focused attention.

Distracted driving remains a significant concern in Bakersfield, with visual, manual, and cognitive distractions contributing to the risk of accidents on the road.

We must put effort into making the roads safer for everyone in our community by promoting good driving practices and increasing awareness of these distractions. 

Remember, when you’re behind the wheel, your primary focus should always be driving safely.