Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, home delivery has become more commonplace, and the services have improved accordingly. People order groceries, consumer goods, and countless other small and large items right to their door. 

As home delivery has risen in popularity, its quality control processes have improved. However, no form of delivery is more impressive than medical couriers. People need medicine to arrive on time, just like medical labs and other facilities need equipment, specimens, and more.

Please read on to learn how medical couriers take deliveries to another level.

Insured, Bond, and Licensed

The nature of what’s being shipped often changes how it’s delivered. Medical couriers are sometimes tasked with moving chemicals and solutions that need to be temperature-controlled. The best medical delivery experts, like R Courier, are fully insured, bonded, and licensed to transport dangerous goods.

That means that they’re fully responsible and aware of all protocols under TDG regulations. They should have logistics in place to ensure safe and regulation-compliant transportation for disposing of medical waste, reducing potential liability and helping produce a cleaner, healthier environment.

GPS and Vital Technology 

People may be curious and excited about packages containing clothing or other consumer goods, but medicine and medical equipment truly can’t wait. Patients and healthcare professionals need to know when vital supplies will arrive.

The best medical couriers have GPS technology in their vehicles, so tracking their shipments in real-time is easy. You should also be able to replay the driver’s route, access a Driver Activity report, monitor driver performance, see a route violation report, and more.

Mobile signature capture ensures there are safe hand-offs. Drivers should all have badges identifying their company so they can be recognized upon delivery. Badges might not be high-tech, but they help ensure there’s a safe hand-off.

Finally, some of the technology is impactful after the delivery is complete. For example, once you’ve registered with their platform, billing should be straightforward and seamless. You won’t need to create detailed bills of lading or worry about how things got priced.


The best medical couriers aren’t just reliable when it comes to ensuring their deliveries are on time. They also work hard behind the scenes to make sure all their vehicles are in good working order so there are no unexpected problems during transit.

As another layer of protection, some medical couriers even have a spare service vehicle in the very rare event that a vehicle breaks down during a delivery.

Trained and Courteous

Medical couriers should be well-trained in all aspects of their job and conduct themselves professionally. That means showing courtesy and kindness to everyone they interact with, from the start of their journey to the end.

Medical couriers have operated for decades, predating the pandemic by many years. However, the improved technology and ways they’ve refined their practice have only improved. Look for a medical courier that ticks off all the above boxes when you need some healthcare items shipped, and you’ll feel confident that it’ll get to where it’s going quickly and reliably.