Trends (in any industry) are cyclical; however, not all come back, and many return, suffering alterations. Therefore, if you want to undertake a full-on kitchen remodel, you should be aware of outdated trends because you don’t want your kitchen to look out of fashion. At the end of the day, the kitchen remains the heart of the home, even if you’re not a passionate cook, and the choices you make regarding its design will set the vibe for the space. 

This article was written to provide valuable information so you can know what trends to ignore when you decorate your kitchen because they won’t pass the test of time. 

Blue cabinets

Decorating the kitchen is an expensive endeavour, and you want to pick a timeless style that will complement the space even a couple of years from now. Blue cabinets might look fancy, but they should be avoided because bold colours tend to go out of fashion pretty quickly. Suppose you want to sell the house in the future; opt for nude shades when decorating the interiors because they appeal to a broader public. 

Wallpaper borders

Try to picture your grandparents’ kitchen; it most likely features a wallpaper border. And while they found it quite fancy, the current kitchen trends left it far behind because it makes a space look dated and overwhelming. If you have wallpaper borders, it’s time to take them out and replace them with something simple and chic. You can choose from countless trendy options for your kitchen walls and backsplash. If you want to add personality to a space, you can paint a wall in a bold hue or add a backsplash in an interesting pattern. 

Open shelving

If you want to remodel a small kitchen, you might have learned from the Internet that open shelving creates the impression of a more spacious room. However, so many homes feature open shelving that the trend has started to feel expected, and it no longer holds any aesthetic interest. You could use other methods to make your kitchen look larger, like opting for a light-coloured palette or installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets. If you don’t really want open shelving because you like their aspect and think they’ll complement the rest of the home design, there’s no reason to install them. 

Oversized kitchen island

Oversized kitchen islands have grown tremendously popular among luxury estates, but the fact is that they’re not always the best kitchen addition. If you don’t have an enormous kitchen, installing an oversized island could make your kitchen look crowded. Kitchen islands complement the cooking space only when there is enough surrounding room – otherwise, it could turn into a hazard to install one. 

If you want to install a kitchen island, look for functionality instead of size. Measure the room to determine what island size suits it best, and customise your order. A smaller but functional kitchen island will look great and provide you with a complete range of benefits. Suppose you personalise the island; it would be great to integrate drawers and cabinets on one size and matching chairs on the other. It’ll serve as both a food prep space and a kitchen table or bar. 

Gaps between the ceiling and cabinets

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, never leave a gap between the ceiling and your cabinets. You don’t have to spend a fortune to furnish the cooking room; you can find cheap kitchen units that reach the ceiling and make the space look taller and more spacious. Besides an improved aesthetic aspect, installing ceiling-high kitchen cabinets also has a functional purpose because you benefit from extra storage space. You can place on the upper shelves all the items you rarely use in the kitchen or utensils that you take out only when cooking meals for special events. 

Matte black hardware

Matte black was a huge trend in 2022, and you would see it in all interior home designs. Kitchen remodel projects would often include black hardware, but it seems like the trend wasn’t meant to last too long because home designers no longer present it as an option in 2023. Matte black appliances don’t appeal to everyone or fit any kind of house. While some homeowners might appreciate the minimalist aspect of black or darker hues, they might not be the best option for a cooking space. 

Is there an alternative for homeowners who prefer dark-coloured appliances? Oil-rubbed bronze looks beautiful in most spaces, and chrome and nickel are expected to make a comeback the following year. 

All white kitchens

Homeowners with small kitchens often opt for all-white palettes because it’s the safest option for a tiny space. However, when the entire room is white, it could look austere and give you the impression of a hospital room, which is far away from the cosy and welcoming vibe you want to achieve when designing a kitchen. Therefore, even if you opt for a light-coloured kitchen, don’t be afraid to play with shades, textures, and decorations to infuse your space with some personality. 

Interior designers state that all-white kitchens will go out of style, and homeowners will most likely gravitate toward spaces with more neutral shades. 

Appliances sitting on the countertop

Sometimes, you can easily change the vibe a room gives you by cleaning it up and removing everything from the surfaces. Your kitchen will look sharp and inviting if you declutter the countertop and place the appliances inside the kitchen furniture. You don’t have to change the entire furniture; you can upgrade the kitchen by placing the microwave, toaster, sandwich maker, and other similar small appliances in the cabinets stacked on shelves. 

Suppose you want to change the furniture; make sure to purchase modern cabinets with built-in appliances so you can keep the countertop clean. 

Final thoughts

As you plan your kitchen revamp, staying away from the above outdated trends is crucial because they can make your cooking space look uninviting and tired. You want your dream kitchen to showcase your personality and feel welcoming.