Covid-19 has disrupted the lives of nearly everyone around the world. It seems like only yesterday, we could go out whenever we want, visit whoever we please, and attend any sort of entertainment that we enjoyed.

The new covid-19 world however is one where our movement is restricted and many of our normal everyday activities are no longer available. Many people thought that it would be a short lockdown, but as the days turn into weeks, and weeks to months, we now see that perhaps our lives are being disrupted much longer than we assumed.

Some of the greatest challenges that we face as a result of the lockdown is our inability to go to work, and our concerns about our kids going to school. But there are other things that are nearly as emotionally stressful. 

One of these of course is not having access to constant interaction with our favorite celebrities. The lockdown has prohibited many of them from being able to make movies, starring television shows, record music albums and videos, and make public appearances. 

As a result many of us don’t have the ability to get our up to the second celebrity fix. If I’m describing you, don’t worry. There are ways that you can interact with your favorite celebrities and be entertained by them. Here are the best ways to get your celebrity fixed during the covid-19 lockdown.

Bet on Your Favorite Celebrity 

Do you have a favorite celebrity and follow them closely? Do you know way more than you should about them and anticipate any milestones they are about to hit? If you do, you might be able to make some money by betting on your favorite celebrity. 

Let’s say for instance you are one of Kylie Jenner’s big fans. You can bet on things that Kylie does in her daily life. You can bet when she will reach 200 million Instagram followers and if she will beat her sister Kim Kardashian to that number. She recently passed Kim so she is the odds on favorite. With her newly minted billionaire statue and her ever increasing popularity she is sure to reach this number soon. You can also bet on whether she will have another baby and when, who will be the father, and what color bikini she will wear in her next Instagram bikini selfie. 

The best news is that you can make these types of bets on any of the Kardashians if Kylie is not your favorite. And if you like another celebrity, chances are you can make similar bets on them too. This type of betting will keep you entertained, focused on your celebrity fix and potentially in line to make some cash too. 

Watch Old Reruns

You might not be able to get the current 411 on your favorite celebrities as often as you like, but you can always dig up some of their past exploits. There are lots of steaming film and TV sites that have all of the old hits that your celebrity favorites starred in and there are even interviews with them on talk shows and newsmagazine features as well.  Perhaps you have seen many of them but going down memory lane is always nice particularly at a time like this when you have so much free time. 

With the coronavirus making a second wave in many parts of the world, it looks like we will be inside for a longer period of time. If you love celebrities and miss having constant interaction, use these ideas to get your fix.