Did you know geometry is being used in different fields such as in art, measurement, and architecture? Even the Glorious temples, palaces, dams, and bridges are the results of these. In addition to construction and measurements, geometry has influenced many more fields of engineering, biochemical modeling, designing, computer graphics, and typography.

How Is Geometry Used in Real Life?

In everyday life, Geometry has many practical uses such as measuring 

  • Circumference
  • Area
  • Volume

Even Geometric shapes play an important role in recreational activities such as 

  • Video Games
  • Sports
  • Quilting
  • Food Design

Engineers and architects would not be able to design and construct houses, buildings, cars, and tools that make life easier and more enjoyable without geometry.

Real-Life Examples of Geometry 

1. Nature – In everyday life geometry is formed by the nature surrounding humans. If one looks closely, then they might find different geometrical shapes and patterns in leaves, flowers, stems, roots, bark, and the list goes on. Some interesting facts are:  

  • You can even see different fruits and vegetables have different geometrical shapes.
  • One will see hexagonal patterns arranged tandemly when one looks closely at a honeycomb.

2. Technology – Technology is one of the common examples of geometry be it robotics, computers, or video games geometry is applied to almost all the underlying concepts. Did you know this interesting fact that the virtual world of video games is created only because geometric computations help in designing the complex graphics of the video games?  

3. Homes – Geometry does not leave even a single chance to play a significant role at homes as well. Different geometric shapes are present within the house, such as:  

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Beds
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Television
  • Mats
  • Rugs
  • Cushions
  • Do you ever think that geometry would also be important for cooking? Even the chef needs to add all the ingredients in accurate proportions and ratios to put forth a delicious dish. 
  • When you set up your house to look more presentable by using vases, paintings which are of different geometric shapes and have different patterns made on them.

4. Architecture – Did you ever think that the construction of various buildings or monuments would have a close relationship with geometry? Before constructing any architectural forms mathematics and geometry play a great role in it. Some interesting facts are: 

  • Did you know that the theories of proportions and symmetries shape fixed the aspects of all kinds of architectural designs. 
  • The angles of geometry are being taken into consideration when the staircases in all the buildings are being constructed at 90 degrees. 

5. Sports –  Even sports make use of geometrical concepts. For example, the buildings of the sports stadiums and athletic fields are being taken into consideration for geometric shapes. Some interesting facts are: 

  • Athletic fields like hockey, soccer, basketball, and football fields are rectangular in shape. 
  • Even the track fields are noticed in semicircular shapes.
  • Have you ever thought that angles would also play a critical role in predicting the movement of the players?

Horizontal Lines – Examples

Horizontal line is the one that goes from left to right across the page. The horizontal lines are parallel to the horizon. Did you know the word horizontal derives from the word “horizon” which refers to the visible line that separates the earth from the sky.

Example – When you see the sunrise over the horizon you are seeing the sunrise over a horizontal line. Even the X-axis is an example of a horizontal line.

People say that mathematics is a boring subject but by now you must have a clear idea that mathematics is evolving in your day-to-day life and similarly does geometry.